Report on Stiff Competition in Hotels and Restaurant

Added on - 21 Apr 2020

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Running head: COMPETITION 1CompetitionName:Institution:
COMPETITION21) Description of CompetitionThe firm will face a stiff competition from various direct competitors including hotelsand restaurants around the University offering the same products and indirect competitors. Thespecific competitors will include Zamato, Talabat and Makemymeal. Thus it will facedifficulties through direct and indirect positioning of its products. It will face direct competitionfrom Yadoh Fatima that is really finding traction in the area when it will be delivering samefoods to same market. This is Yadoh Fatima is also a home-made food delivery businessfocusing on traditional dishes mainly serving the Sharjah Health Authority and Sharjah Policecustomers (Kim & Mauborgne, 2014).The firm will face indirect competition from other restaurants, hotels and other home-made food delivery firms that will be serving different market but use the restaurant-linked appKeza which stays on radar of foodies and outlets by bridging the gaps between reality andexpectation in UAE dining world. The indirect competition will thus be stiff as this app is theonly solution bringing diners, restaurants and suppliers together on a single platform. By merelysigning in to Keza, one will be able to explore restaurants around, and choose the preferredservice, eat with her eyes even before ordering, requesting the service, paying and split. Thus,this app makes the competition as stiff as one can compare and contrast all the available facilitiesand choose the best (Kurata, Yao & Liu, 2007).2) Barriers to EntryIn UAE, there are over 11,000 “tech ready” restaurants and this is creates a barrier toentry as any startup must be tech ready which can be a bit costly. The dominant players are
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