HI6006 Competitive Strategy Assignment

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COMPETITIVE STRATEGIES: CAR AND AIRLINE INDUSTRIES2Executive SummaryBoth small and multinational corporations operate in a competitive environment.The success of these businesses is largely tied to their completive strategies. Thisreport will discuss the competitive strategies attributable to Chevrolet Motor CarCompany and Peugeot Company which are the two companies in the car industry. Thereport also explores both target market and modes of entry associable with BritishAirways and Emirates, the two companies in the airline industry. The report finds thesuccess of both Chevrolet and Peugeot companies is as a result of their continuousdevelopment and improvement of the existing brands. This has been achieved throughinnovation and taking advantage of the current technology. For the companies in theairline industry, the report has found that the two companies competitive strategies aretied to the proper segmentation of the target market as well application of theappropriate market entry strategies.
COMPETITIVE STRATEGIES: CAR AND AIRLINE INDUSTRIES3IntroductionThe firm's competitive advantage and its profitability are the key determinants ofthe company success in a given industry. For the company to possess the two aspects,it must come up with the robust competitive strategies that will overcome the existingcompetition as well as the threat of the new entrants in the industry. This report exploresthe competitive strategies exhibited by Chevrolet and Peugeot the two companies in thecar industry. The report also investigates the competitive strategies attributable toBritish Airways and Emirates Airlines which are some of the major companies in theAirline industry.Car IndustryIn the recent the past, the competition in the car industry has been the intenseone. However, there some companies in this industry such as Chevrolet and Peugeotthat have been able to overcome the existing fierce competition through global strategyas a business model change to claim their competitive advantage both in the industry aswell in the market. In the following discussion, this report discusses each company indetail.Chevrolet Motor Car CompanyChevrolet is an American Automobile division of the General Motors Company.The Chevrolet Motor Car Company being an affiliate of the General Motors many itsglobal entry strategies revolves around the parent company. General Motors applies theglobal strategy of a brand for every place. Whether in Europe, Asia or the United States,the buyer will find the Chevrolet cars in the market. This means this product is almosteverywhere across the globe. The provision of the company products in a widegeographical region helps the company to claim largest market share even before thecompetitors can reach the market (Pfanner, 2012). This was the strategy that was usedby the General Motors to market Chevrolet Cars in the global markets.Originally, the Chevrolet cars were meant for the entry-level car buyers (Pfanner,2012). Therefore, the company had to avail the product to many target markets. Thiswas one approach to introduce new product in the market. However, with the passage
COMPETITIVE STRATEGIES: CAR AND AIRLINE INDUSTRIES4of time the company has focused on making the product affordable for the middle-market consumers. Again, to suit the growing demands of the customers the companyhas opted for investing more than five billion dollars to strengthen its position in theglobal market.In 2015 the company improved the Chevrolet brand to meet the rapidly growingcustomer needs in the global markets. They came up with an innovation of developing anew family car that still maintained the original name of the brand. According to theindustry analysts, this was one of the most successful global strategy business modelchange that has maintained the competitiveness of the Chevrolet brand. The GeneralMotors President, Dan Ammann in 2015 noted that with the anticipated growth of theautomotive industry growth in the mature markets, the company should be a focus oncapitalizing on the new emerging markets[ CITATION Dav151 \l 1033 ]. That couldonly beachieved by modifying the company products to suit the growing needs of the markets.The improvement of the Chevrolet was aimed a new and modern family car toreplace the existing ones. By adopting this strategy Chevrolet substantially improved itsprofitability and competitiveness by providing what customers wanted in each market.General Motors applied the concept of satisfying the customer needs based on theireconomic status to take maximum advantage of the global scale.Peugeot Motor Car CompanyPeugeotCompany is a French company that has been dominating car industryover decades. Its objective encompasses on delivering the best-in-class drivingexperience that is characterized by the powerful driving sensations and heightenedcustomer emotions. The success of the Peugeot Motor Car Company can be ascribedthe continuous improvement that has been subjected to the brand since its invention.The Peugeot brand has been improved and maintained in line with the currenttechnology in the market. Secondly, the company products are almost on over 180countries and more than 10,000 points where customers can access the companyproducts.
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