Complete each of the three following questions within a single

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Complete each of the three following questions within a single MS-Word file or richtext format document:range 6 - 7 [Max] pages overall, double-spaced, and noreferences are necessary.Number each of your essays separately and in order.Analyze these topics from the basis of our course content by beginning with anunderlined thesis statement (purpose) in the first paragraph.Then use eachparagraph to analyze a separate concept, theory, or principle from the text whichhelps explain the underlying economic content.Critique in your own words how yourtopic conforms with the economic theories from the text.No outside sources shouldbe used, as the best grades will be for those papers which clearly develop their ownanalysis.1.Select any two (2) of the Case Studies from the bottom of weekly Modules and ineach paragraph compare common macro economic concepts / principles.Analyzethe outcomes in light of the course material which you have studied.(~ 2 pages);2.What do you consider to be the most difficult macro economic concept and howdid you attempt to better understand?Secondly, what appears to be the singlegreatest weakness / shortcoming in the macro economic approach & assumptions?(~ 2 pages); and3.How has this course changed your thinking about the economy & your view ofpolicy making?What new idea do you take away from this course with regard to theability of policymakers to achieve their stated goals?What is the main courseoutcome(s) for you through the reading to date?(~ 2 pages)
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