Complete the following table, converting from Decimal, to Binary

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1.Complete the following table, converting from Decimal, to Binary and Hex and needed.(6 points)DecimalBinaryHex155100101011101001012.Convert 5,237 into Binary Encoded Decimal (BED) ( 2 point)3.Complete the following table of Infix, Prefix and Postfix notation. (8 points)PrefixInfixPostfix*AB(a-b)*(a*d)2x-7y-52x+((x*7)-(2*d))4.If there are 7,253 students but that number is in in Base 20, How many students does thenumeral 2 represent? (2 points)5.Create the Truth Table for the following( 6 points):~A ^ BTTFFA V B ^ ~CTTTTFFF
FWrite the statement for the shaded area in the following Venn Diagrams (8 points):6.:_______7.:_________
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