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Added on - 16 Jun 2021

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Composite Structure1COMPOSITE STRUCTUREby [Name]CourseProfessor’s NameInstitutionLocation of InstitutionDate
Composite Structure2Composite StructurePhysical Problem DescriptionAnalysis of first quarter of the RVE can be done as shown belowRVE dimensions aregiven as:Edges= aFibre radius= rThe displacement load= U1;Constraints at the left edge – X displacements = Y rotations; Z = 0Constraints at the bottom edge – Y displacements = X rotations; Z = 0
Composite Structure3Problem ObjectiveThe aim of the problem is to find out the link between fibre volume fraction and thetransverse Young’s modulus through an FE analysis of the structure.Using the Abiquos application, we change the radius of the fibre to determine the fibrevolume fraction. An RVE analysis for reaction forces yields shows the radii as in the figurebelow:Abaqus Analysis1.Given, r = 2μm, a = 10μm, therefore Vf= 0.0756Mesh seeds at displacement = 0.1μm applied at right edge;
Composite Structure4Simulation yields:Reaction force = 345.876μN/μmYoung’s ModulusE2=RF1U1=345.8760.1= 3.4GPaGiven that;1E2=VfEf+VmEmWhere:Vf= Fibre Volume fraction;Vm= Matrix Volume fraction;Ef=Fibre Young’s Modulus; andEm=Matrix Young’s Modulus.But Vf= 0.2; Vm =0.3;Ef= 85 GPa; and Em= 3.4 GPaSubstituting in the equation:E2= 11.03 GPa2.Given r = 3.5, Vf= 0.0856, Vm= 0.86
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