Report on Computer Forensic in Law Enforcement

Added on - Nov 2019

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1COMPUTER FORENSIC IN LAW ENFORCEMENTEvolution of computer forensic in law enforcement casesIn order to make investigation on computer forensic in enforcement cases, it is very muchnecessary to utilize law enforcement tools and technologies for investigating cyber attacks. Forinvestigating cyber attack it is very much necessary to utilize specialized tools, training andtechnologies as well. Different law enforcement scheduling software is also there those arehelpful for crime level investigation. Three main requirements those are associated to the lawenforcement tools and technologies are evolved through three steps such as:1.A national needs assessment2.Gap analysis report3.National research and different development agendaThe law enforcement tools and technologies for investing the cyber attacks help to detailthe technological impediments those are facing the cyber attack investigation. Forty fourdifferent requirements of cyber attack investigators are also extracted. With the help of gapanalysis matrix the need of the investigators and all the collected solution could be mappedproperly. Gap analysis is dependent on the existing solution that is helpful to address the need ofthe investigators. Different computer forensic tools and technologies are there such as-SANS SIFTPro discovery forensicX-way ForensicVolatility frameworkFour of these tools are very much helpful for crime level investigation. These securitytools enable the computer professionals to locate different information on a computer disk and
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