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COMPUTING1LOGBOOKEXERCISE 1: Business IdeaPerfect Greens specializing in the environmental public relationsMy business plan is to start a firm which will offer customers with the great quality of environmental public relations consultancy. Our organization will specialize in various areas likemanagement of crisis which will help the customers to manage a situation which is left ignored and could create the important amount of tarnish the PR of various companies that have critical images of the environment, creation of the image as this will help in developing and implementing the certain image of the public like an image which is pro-environment for the firm. And management of events of publicity as this will create and manage sponsored events of the publicity that are created in order to strengthen the perceived commitment of the clients. The activities will make sure the appropriate management of sensitive concerns of the environment by organizations which are not seen as eco-friendly. There are clients of various companies like mining, extraction of natural gas and lumber which forage for the professional firm in order to assist in the scent public image of the environment. The specialized and experienced personnel inthe work of environmental public relation will offer our company with extravagant insight whichother companies of public relation is not able to provide. We will be flexible enough in order to meet the needs of our client. Our firm will offer services to the various regional and local firms which require the help for recreation and the management for the longer period of time. Our company will be located in Kuala Lumpur for the initial time and will expand our company depending on the response of the clients towards our company.Our firm will be targeting three types of companies i.e. gas companies because they work for the reserves of natural gas and they might require our help to strengthen the image of eco-friendly asit provides energy. Furthermore, they require our help for the management of the crisis and the activities of the promotion. The other is mining companies because it has negative image because of the land destruction. And lumber companies as they struggle to manage the eco-friendly perception of the public.

COMPUTING2We would be having the staff of 200 employees that will help us in accomplishing our goals and mission. Therefore, I believe that this plan will be successful because it is very important for every organization to have a positive, eco-friendly public perception to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.EXERCISE 2:CV - Mr. IBUKIHome Address: Block D, floor 12-1, Krystal Point Jalan Sultan Azian Shah, Fujitsu, 6300Tel: 0122976127 Personal Email Address:ibuki@gmail.comNationality: AfricanPersonal Statement:I am a foundation in information technology from the college of Segi, Kuala Lumpur; presently Iam pursuing the degree in BSc (Hons), and I am in the second year. And looking forward to getting a computer-related job in your organization, so that I can maximize my skills and capabilities of computer and help your company to achieve the desired goals. My goal of the profession is to get a role in this industry in order to get an opportunity to grasp more and improve the technical and personal potential which have to be implemented.Higher Education:YEARCOLLEGE/SCHOOLCOURSEOVERALL GRADES2003-2007Eastern Cape Schools, South Africa -B2013-2014Segi College, Kuala LumpurFoundation in IT A2014-PresentUniversity of Greenwich BSc (Hons) BComputing Experience:Operating systems: Linux and Windows.Languages: C++, java, and java script.

COMPUTING3Database: SQL server and MS access and excel.Professional Skills:1.Techniques of design2.Communication and presentation skills.3.UML4.Techniques of project management.Achievements and Awards:1.A best student during school.2.Foundation award.Hobbies:1.Designing of a website.2.Travelling, experimenting.3.Sports.Referees:Segi staff member: JenniferMobile Number: 014-31290116IT DepartmentLecturer Name: Ms. ChristineMobile Number: 013-6220133Subject: Professionalism in IT. Cover Letter –IBUKIBlock D, floor 12-1, Krystal Point Jalan Sultan Azian Shah, Fujitsu, 6300

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