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The impact and future influences of AI on our daily lives1.0 IntroductionThe purpose of this project is to analyze and find out the effects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) onthe existing technologies. AI covers the scope of all the machines which try to performoperations like humans. Multiple types of robots or machines can be trained to perform human-like operations. With the advancement of AI, human civilizations have reached far ahead in theaccomplishments in all the big and small areas of life.Artificial Intelligence enables the machines to learn just like humans learn from their experiencesand adjust their performance to perform several tasks like humans. Most Artificial Intelligenceexamples like chess-playing systems and self-driven cars depends heavily on learning andprocessing of natural languages. Computers can be taught to complete multiple kind of processesby utilizing huge amount of data &analyzing data patterns.AI is a use of the human brain thinking, learning, deciding and working in solving problems.This study results in smart software systems. The intention of AI is to enhance computerfunctions that are associated with brain knowledge, for instance, learning, reasoning, and solvingproblem. AI has been in use in the games, processing of natural languages, expert structures, andvision systems, recognition of speech and handwriting and smart robots.1.1Research BackgroundResearch background of present report is based on Artificial Intelligence effectsupon existing technologies. Scope of all machines is being covered by AI in order tooperate functions like humans. In this research, formative concept offering training torobots are given in order to make them deliver services like humans. Research covers thebackground of, AI advancements as with the help of this, human civilizations leadtowards reaching far ahead.1.2Research Justification
Research effectively justified AI lead towards transforming future into better prospects with thehelp of which task can be effectively accomplished. In order to utilize this technology in a welldefined way it is essential to formulate best effective rules and regulations in order to safeguardsociety. In addition with this, AI is required to ensure that they did not hamper society and worldpeace. Thus. With the help of various measures safety measures can be effectively adopted to useAI in best effective manner.In addition with this it is essential to use AI technology in a ethical manner. But it isrequired to ensure that this technology is used under high prevalence as in this, it lead towardsreplacement of human from automation which acts as an serious threat and lead towards creatingdangerous elements for society. For an instance, by taking advantage of self driven cars leadtowards reducing the jobs of drivers that is a major threat for economy and human life. Thus,there is a requirement to effectively utilize this technique in order to make formative balance inbetween AI and human life.1.3AimsThe aim of this research is to determine how does AI helps us in the advancements of existingtechnologies. This research will provide an overview of the whole process of how AI is beingused in our lives. How machines are trained to behave like humans by being provided enoughdata to be trained on.1.4ObjectivesTo evaluate effective of AI in order to increase progress of technology2objectives exampleWith the help of robots technology is seemed to be far headed to perform variousoperations in well effective way.2.1Research QuestionWill AI increase the overall efficacy and progress of technologies?
1.6Literature ReviewAI has developed every field of life by a large factor as compared to other technologies. AIenables the existing technologies to develop further and use all available resources to perform attheir maximum level and provide maximum benefit to society. AI is becoming the most investedarea of interest recently all around the world.As vehicles are getting abled to connect with each other & with the structure, AI information willhelp number one wood avoid traffic jam and dangers. In Pittsburgh, an AI system incorporatingsensor & cameras that monitor lizard traffic flow adjusts traffic lights when required. Less idlingmeans that there will be less greenhouse gas expulsion in the process.Since Russia, China, North Korea & other countries are putting substantial resources in AIresearch and development hence it is paramount for the world to prepare for hyper war and todefend critical cyber networks.PriceWaterHouseCoopers (PwC) did a project and predicted that AI technologies can probablyincrease the global GDP by $15.7 trillion, a total of 14% by 2030.McKinsey Global Institute study in China reported that AI based automation will increase theproductivity of Chinese economy and add 0.8 to 1.4 % points to GDP growth yearly.0p;mn.AI is also helping financial systems to detect frauds. In Large organizations, it is quite difficult toidentify frauds manually but AI can easily find out the abnormalities, subtle variations andunique cases which require further investigation. With the help of this fraud detection AI system,the fraud cases can be caught early in the process and loss can be prevented in the future.1.7MethodologyThere are multiple techniques to go about researching on a topic. Research is divided majorly intwo type’s i.e. primary and secondary research.In order to effectively accomplish this researchin a well defined manner secondary form of research method is used. One major example offollowing this approach is to host your research as open source projects on the internet so thatanyone interested can use it in either their research or in their professional fields. This approachallows the academia to work in collaboration with the professional experts and join their effortsin developing the living standards for better. Various forms of sources are analyzed as toeffectively undertake research. Some of those measures include Internet Information, Data
available on company’s stock lists, Taking Results from Market Research. In addition with this, .A survey published conferences will be conducted to gather and analyze data covering similartopics and similar methods.
Primary ResearchPrimary research is the type of research which is done to gather fresh data for a research project.It includes the one-to-one processes like surveys, interviews, observations and assessments of thetarget audience by the researcher directly for the research purpose.Primary research is difficult to conduct because it requires a lot of resources, time and priorinformation about the target audience or subject to conduct surveys or interviews or do any kindof direct research related to the subject. Basically, in the primary research method, the researcherhas to build everything from scratch by finding all the building blocks by himself and thenjoining them together to form a well enough dataset for the research to be fulfilled sufficiently.Secondary ResearchSecondary research means to look for existing data on the research project and benefit from itinstead of going around collecting the data again.Secondary research means to look for the conventional research papers being published in theannual conferences around the world and reference the data being published in them in your ownwriting. With this method, you can easily learn about all the advancements being made on anyspecific topic till now and build your research on top of all the available research instead ofreinventing the wheel. A concise and predetermined pattern of collecting, using and representingdata is used to write your research in a way so that other researchers can easily benefit from it.These results are then being published on multiple platforms where most of the concerned publiccan get it easily and use it in their own research. A huge number of professional applications arebeing built on top of existing research projects available online for free.1.8. Chapter outlineResearch covers the formative aspects of AI, it is a technology with the help of which numerousbenefits can be effectively generate. In addition with this, there are numerous set of platformwithin which AI can be used as to offer different types of benefits. Along with this, AI help inenabling the machines to learn from the experiences of humans and adjust task, as per accordingto humans. In addition with this, major area where this technology is use include, self driven carsalong with chess playing systems. This will further help in the, completion of task in a well
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