Assignment COMS0002 Foundations of Communication

Added on - Oct 2019

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Foundations of CommunicationAssessment 1: Assessment Submission Document and Marking RubricStudent Name:Student ID #:Class/tutor:(Please complete the above information)You must read and refer to theAssessment 1 Instructionsin order to complete this assessment.Uploadonly this documentto Blackboard (via Turnitin). Type the answers and reference list below the marking rubric.NB. Please save this Word document in the following format:lastname_firstname_studentID_COMS_A1_semester_year.Assessment 1TASKSMARKFEEDBACKCriteriaHigh Distinction80% +Distinction70-79.9%Credit60-69.9%Pass50-59.9%Yet to achieve< 50%Task 1.Netiquette/10All rules ofnetiquettefollowedto an excellentstandard(Appropriategreetings, politecommunication, allrequiredinformationprovided).Most rules of netiquettefollowed to a highstandard.(appropriategreetings, politecommunication, mostrequired informationprovided)Most rules of netiquettefollowed to a goodstandard.(appropriategreetings, politecommunication, somerequired informationprovided)Rules of netiquettefollowed to asatisfactory standard.(appropriategreetings, politecommunication, basicrequired informationprovided)Rules of netiquettefollowed poorly. Lackedrequired information.Content/15Submission clearlyreflects in-depthknowledge gainedfrom independentresearch on thetopic.Submission clearly reflectssound knowledge gainedfrom independentresearch on the topic.Submission reflectsreasonable knowledgegained from independentresearch on the topicSubmission reflectsbasic knowledgegained fromindependent researchon the topicSubmissiondemonstrates limited orno knowledge gainedfrom independentresearch on the topic.TASK 2.ContentSubmission clearlySubmission clearlySubmission clearlySubmission reflectsSubmission
Surname and initial:/25reflects in-depthknowledge gainedfrom coursematerials andindependentresearch on thetopic.reflects sound knowledgegained from coursematerials and mayinclude someindependent research onthe topic.reflects reasonableknowledge gained fromcourse materials. Mayinclude someindependent research onthe topic.basic knowledgegained from coursematerials.demonstrates limited orno knowledge gainedfrom course materials.Synthesis ofgroupdiscussion/15Excellent synthesisof variouscontributions fromgroup discussionwith informedcommentsDemonstrates very goodsynthesis of others’contributions withinformed comments.Demonstrates logicalsynthesis of own andothers’ contributionswith informed commentsand emphasizes /reinforces a point fromthe discussion.Some reference todiscussion included.Demonstrates limited orno synthesis or nomention of discussionBOTH TASKSClarity andmechanics/15Written in clear andconcise language.Negligiblegrammatical andspelling errors.Well organized ideas.May contain minorgrammatical and/ orspelling error.Ideas are mostly wellorganized.Some errors in grammarand spelling.Ideas are quitedisorganized.Obvious errors ingrammar and spelling.Meaning is sometimesunclear.Ideas are difficult tounderstand withmultiple grammar andspelling errors that makeit difficult to graspmeaning.Sourcesacknowledged/20Points exceptionallywell supported bycredible research.Sources areconsistently andaccuratelyacknowledged usingAPA 6thed.Reference list and intext citationsincluded.Points well supported bycredible research. Sourcesare consistentlyacknowledged using APA6thed.A few minor errors arepresent.Points supported by somecredible research. Sourcesare acknowledged usingAPA 6thed.Contains someinconsistencies andmultiple referencingerrors.Points supported byresearch. Sources areinconsistentlyacknowledged.Frequent referencingerrors.Sources are mostlyunacknowledged.Sources are not credible.Inaccurate referencingthroughout.No in-text citationsNo reference listEvidence of plagiarismSubtotal/100Mark out of 15%/15Deductions: Late penaltyLate penalty for 0-24 hours late: 5% penalty (less 0.75/15)Late penalty for more than 24 hours late: 5% penalty for first 25 hours, plus 10% penalty for each extra 24 hours.(less 0.75 + 1.5/15 per extra 24 hours late)FINAL MARK/15
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