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Concept Map and Guided question response

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Added on  2023-01-19

Concept Map and Guided question response

   Added on 2023-01-19

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Acute Exacerbation of Heart Failure
The higher value of blood
pressure is termed as
hypertension and is termed as
one of the significant factor in
causing heart failure and other
cardiac disturbances.
The abnormality in heart
rhythm or breathing rate
can cause fluctuations in
pulse rate. Extreme low or
higher pulse rate or
irregularities signifies the
cardiac dysfunction or
the failure.
The decreased SpO2% and higher
respiratory rate indicates the
lowered cardiac output.
Systolic heart failure
Activation- vasopression
Bilateral basal crackles on lung
Left ventricular function
Atrial fibrillation leads to abnormal
heart rhythm which leads to
complications of storke, heart failure or
even blood clot.
Drugs such as furosemide
and glyceryle trinitrate are
given to the patients so
which relaxes and
maintain blood and atrial
pressure as well as smooth
functioning of heart
Nurses must use
interventions such as clinical
governance of heart rate,
BP, pulse rate and oxygen
saturation so that
abnormalities can be
identified and accurate
treatment can be provided.
Exacerbation of
systolic heart failure
Dysnoea Bilateral basal crackles
in lungs
The patient had high blood
pressure (170/95 mm Hg),
respiratory rate (24
breaths/ min) and pulse
rate (120 beats / min)
Breathlessness Abnormal body
Course of the Disease Prevention
The patient had medical
history of heart failure, and
she is 78 years old which is
also critical factor.
The liquid intake, pulse rate,
respiratory rate, skin colour and
blood pressure must be monitored
In this acute condition the heart muscles
fails to supply necessary blood to lungs
and other organs due to ineffective
pumping action of heart muscles.
Atrial Fibrillation
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