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EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThis present research was based onglobalization means that businesses come together to interactand influence business matters in respect of operating internationally in global market. The majorconcept of having the globalization is that many businesses have expanded their operatingactivities in local and international market. The aim of the study is to assess the impact ofemerging global brand on Business Environment. Researcher has taken Sainsbury Company forassessment. Global brand name helps the companies to grow higher to expand their businessoperation in the emerging global market.Further, research also stated that company can expand their business operation throughadvertising and social media marketing which is the benefits of having a famous brand name.Information is the most important role regarding the details of company and data are properlysecured and managed by the internal team members.The findings of the research is thatemerging global brands are influencing the way local organization operated in the businessenvironment in both positive and negative way. There are many benefits like global brandscreate strong competitive advantages for companies and it also improved the quality standard ofproducts.2
RESEARCH METHODOLOGYIntroductionResearch methodologies are vital part of the study as without selecting appropriateresearch methods it is not possible to collect the data as well as maintain the validity andreliability of the research. The scientific methods and process to collect the data is called asresearch methodology. It is the ability to replicate the study especially in order to faithfullyreplicate the study. In simple words, it provides blue print of the entire research study. In thispresent research, researcher has used various elements of research methodologies which are asfollows-Research MethodsThis is first part of the research as it is very important to make it clear the base of thisresearch on which entire research study is being carried out. The systematic investigation ofparticular research problems or questions is called as research. The tool that allows conductingthe study is called as research methods. There are mainly two types of research which arequalitative and quantitative. Qualitative research is primary exploratory research and it is used togain an understanding of underlying reasons and there is no use of statistics and numbers (vanHees and 2016). On the other hand, the research that is used to quantify the researchquestions or problems by way of generating numerical data and are transfer in numbers andstatistics are called as quantitative data. Scholar has applied qualitative research methods in thispresent research in order to reach the desire goals and objectives of the research. Thus,researcher has successfully assesses the impact if global brands in business environment by usingqualitative methods.Research ApproachResearch approach are also one of the most essential part of the research as it is the planand process which consist of the steps of wide assumptions in order to get deep insight of themethods collected, analyzed and interpreted. There are two main categories of research approachwhich are data collection and data analysis. In data collection there are two approach calledquantitative and qualitative whereas in data analysis there are two approach called inductive anddeductive. the approach that focus on causality or experiment is called as deductive approachwhereas the approach that focus in exploring new phenomenon from different perspective iscalled as inductive approach (Morseth and,2016). Researcher has applied inductiveapproach for data analysis as it is closely associated with the qualitative research in order toreach the desire goals and objectives of the research. Thus, researcher has successfully assessesthe impact if global brands in business environment by using inductive research approach.4
Research DesignAfter the plan and procedure for data collection and analysis is completed, nowresearcher have to look for presenting the data with the help of suitable research design. Theframework of techniques or methods that is chosen by the scholar to combine the severalelements of the study is a logical and reasoning with the intention to handle the researchquestions and problems in efficient way is called as research design. Research design helps inmaintaining the reliability and validity of the research. There are two categories of the researchdesign which are descriptive and experimental research design. The type of research design thatis used to establish a relationship between the cause and effect of the situation is known asexperimental research design. On the other hand, the theory based research design that isdeveloped by gathering, analyzing and presenting the collected data is known as descriptiveresearch design. In this present research researcher has taken descriptive research design in as itis associated with the qualitative study in order to reach the desire goals and objectives of theresearch. Thus, researcher has successfully assesses the impact if global brands in businessenvironment by using descriptive research design (Murshed and Zhang, 2016).5
SamplingSampling is very essential part of study as the sample could have deep impact on theoutcomes of the research study. The process to select the small part or group of population iscalled as sampling. With the help of sampling it becomes easy to make statistical interferencesabout the population. Sampling has two main categories which are probabilistic and non-probabilistic sampling. Researcher has taken probabilistic sampling in which random samplingtechniques will be used (Mackey and Gass, 2016). Researcher has taken 20 senior managers ofSainsbury to identify the impact of emerging global brands on business environment.Data CollectionOnce the data is collected now investigators have to think over to collect the data byusing appropriate methods. Data collection is the systematic process to collect and evaluate datafrom variety of sources to get complete and accurate scenario of the area of interest. With thehelp of data collection it becomes easy to solve or answer the research questions. However, thereare two methods to collect the information which are primary and secondary. The data that iscollected from the scholar own efforts via survey, interview, questionnaire and observations arecalled as primary data. Apart from this, the data which is collected from other sources nit fromresearcher own efforts are called as secondary data via government publications, internetarticles, books and journals etc. The information that is collected primary methods are highlyreliable and valid as well as fresh whereas the data collected from any other sources have lessvalidity and it is duplicate data. Researcher has collected information from primary data viaquestionnaire (Cairney and St Denny, 2015).Data AnalysisOnce the data is collected, researcher starts looking for analysis of data as it is veryimportant because data collected is raw and it is meaningless without its proper evaluation. It isprocess to clean, mould and transform the data to make it reliable and meaningful to the users.There are mainly two types of data analysis which are qualitative and quantitative (Daniel andHarland, 2017). The data which is analyzed by using statistical and mathematical tools are calledas quantitative analysis such as SPSS, Spread sheet tools. On the other hand, the data which isanalyzed through structuring and coding the data into groups as well as themes are called asqualitative analysis of data. Researcher has taken qualitative analysis for data analysis in whichdata has presented by sing graphs, tables and charts.Ethical ConsiderationEthics are necessitating pat of the study as researcher have to follow because if researcherdo not follow it is not possible to maintain the validity of the research. Ethics are the norms or astandard that makes it clear distinction between what is right and what is wrong (Bourque and6
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