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1ENGLISHThe two chosen articles that are relevant to the topic and can be used in the essay are:Bahr, N. (2010). Thinking critically about critical thinking in higher education.Internationaljournal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning,4(2),- The article states that the thinking about the concept of higher education is not properlyunderstood as the perception of every student is different about higher education. They havedifferent view about the classrooms of the university, environment, professors, students,faculties, education system and about the overall university life(digitalcommons.georgiasouthern.edu). This article studies the students’ insight of criticalthinking in an Australian university and this article highlights the difference of thinkingbetween the students and the staffs. The way of critical thinking of the students and the staffschanges the attribute of the student as a graduate and that of the staff as a guide. However,this article also says that the students to some extent share the similar definition about thecritical thinking in spite of having different thoughts about critical thinking in highereducation. The allusions about critical thinking is that this is the desire to try to find newthings, the patience in spite of having doubts, the affection to meditate and the tardiness toassert things and the steadiness to consider the new environment and the carefulness of thestudents to set in the order of the university. This article also highlights the point that criticalthinking is gaining attention in the universities and is a key element for almost everyuniversity. Critical thinking is important part of education for the schools and the definitionof successful learners is partially related to the critical thinking. The definition of asuccessful learner is a student who has the power to think deeply, evaluate the evidences inorganised manner because of learning in a disciplined way.

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