Concept of Intelligence Led Policing: Assignment

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Running head: INTELLIGENCE LED POLICINGIntroductionThere are a number of crimes that have been witnessed all over the world with somebeing occasional and others perpetual. It has been found that most of the policies that thepolice used long ago back in the 19thcentury were not as effective as required in the handlingof crime. The main problem was that these policies gave much attention to respondingto acriminal activity as opposed to targeting the crime or offenders. As a result, there emerged inthe UK the concept of intelligence led policing. This is an idea that uses intelligence to targetbetter criminal activity and direct resources of policing that are scared to the highest levels ofcrime. This is a concept that was developed to ease crime investigation and handling. Thisessay defines intelligence led policing, discusses how it can be applied in handling onlinecrimes, determining whether it is easier or not in online crimes and stating whether it is agood idea or not.What is intelligence led policing?[ CITATION Wor16 \l 1033 ]argues that intelligence led policing refersto the act ofapplying the analysis of criminal intelligence as a tool for making the objective decision so asto facilitate the prevention and reduction of crimeby the means of partnering externally andthe use of effective policing strategies drawn from a base that is evidential. His argumentbrings out clearly that dealing with crime using this concept does not involve one nation but itis rather a multinational approach that involves the art of partnership to counteract crimes. Itis also evident that there is deep scrutiny of criminal analytics as well as using intelligence tospot and handle crime. Therefore, we would say that intelligence led policing is a concept ofusing intelligence to make decisions so as to prevent crimes as well as partnering with othernations to control crimes.
INTELLIGENCE LED POLICINGIntelligence led policing is an idea that originated from the united kingdom as a resultof the discovery that by the police were using a lot of time to respond to a criminal activityinstead of targeting the crime or the offenders. This is an idea that depends on the collectionof different sets of data from tactical sources which is then used to form a strategic picturethat will now allow the direction of resources. This concept aims at seeing crime drop as aresult of the ways that it uses to counteract them. It is said that in the 19thcenturies the modelsthat were used for crime investigation and handling were becoming obsolete and outdatedand this is what inspired the establishment of this idea[ CITATION Man16 \l 1033 ]. It is believedthat by then policewere in a struggle to deal with crimes that emerged like terrorism andcyber crime but however, they failed in both crime conviction and prevention. This created avoid in dealing with crime and hence there was the need to come up with a better concept thatcould free them from the shackles of crime.How intelligence led policing is applies to policing online crimesOne of the most challenging crimes in today world is the online crime usually referredto as the cyber crime. This crime has become significant in the globe to the extent ofbecoming a priority of security in most of the western countries. It is therefore due to thisreason that it becomes important to have cyber crime investigations done in the most efficientways[ CITATION Rie16 \l 1033 ].The key challenge of cyber crime is that occurs globally andagencies of the police are used to dealing withcrimes in the areas of their local authority.However, in spite of this challenge, there are several ways intelligence led policing can beused to deal with cyber crime.One of the ways is proper budget and resource allocation for the investigation process.It is said thatbudget and resource allocation is actually a limiting factor in cyber crimeinvestigations in most of the agencies of the police. Now that cyber crime is becoming a
INTELLIGENCE LED POLICINGglobalconcern and a big threat in all parts of the world, all means should be used to deal withit. As it has been said, there should be a maximum allocation of resources so as to enablepolice agencies to deal with the crime as expected. Obviously, if the agencies are lackingmost of the critical needed resources, the investigation will definitely not go through.Therefore, intelligence led policing can be applied here to give the idea of allocation ofenough resources for the sane to effectively deal with the crime.Another concept that can be applied by intelligence led policing to deal with cybercrime is the focusing to allocate resources on some known criminals rather than wastingresources handling with criminals that aren’t known. It is obvious that there are some knowncyber criminals that are already on the target. In this case, there wouldn’t be the need to wastemany resources targeting other offenders but only targeting those who are already known.This is a policy of intelligence led policing. Crime investigation is not a cheap process. Itrequires input like funds and other required tools. Therefore, when allocating these resources,known criminals should be targeted.Intelligence led policing also uses the principle ofsharing of information acrossagencies as well as a partnership. As it was mentioned earlier, cyber crime is global and notlimited to one area or locality. As a result, it would be somewhat difficult to handle crimesalone. It is said the cyber crime is overseas and not limited to one jurisdiction. Therefore, thepolice agencies can partner with other agencies from other nations to counteract this problem[CITATION Pey16 \l 1033 ]. This is because the crime is multinational and affects no nation inparticular but rather all the nations. The agenciescan apply this concept and shareinformation with each other with the sole aim of seeing this crime drop.Intelligence led policing can also be used in combination of the analysis of dataandcrime intelligence into a framework of decision making. This means that decision is made
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