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Part TwoIntroductionThe below executed report has been presented on the concept of marketing and communicationand the focus has been concentrated on the marketing mix (Chang, 2016). The report involvesthe promotional mix theory and approaches and use of the same in attaining the customersatisfaction.Promotional mix theoryThe term promotional mix is one of the integral components of the 4P’s of marketing mix Thiselement consists of the characteristics such as personal selling, public relations, advertising, andsales promotion. The marketing team of Addison Lee can make use of the promotional mixtheory for the attainment of company targets and goals (Chernev, 2014). The promotional mixtheory can be used by the entity a tool for communicating the target market and produce theorganizational sale. Digital media and internet are the promotional tools which have beenadopted by the business corporation for making the promotion of the services.Use of promotional mix theory for deciding selectionPromotional mix theory assists the entity in reaching the targeted consumers in the best manner.The online mediums are proven the best suitable mediums for reaching the targeted consumers.Social media is the best medium of online means. Moreover, the digital medium is anotheroption which can be utilized for attaining the selected consumers.Target audienceThe target audience is the common term for the consumer segments which has been created forbetter promotion and advertisement of the products (Addisonlee 2017). Addison Lee has adiverse range of consumers segments as the UK is a high-density region in terms of population.A strong GDP facilitates the populations on various grounds and enables them to lead a highstandard of living. The target audience can be segmented on the basis of various aspects such asgeographical, psychographic, demographics etc. The business entity should make use of effectivemeasuresOutline of distribution channelDistribution channels are the mediums and the modes through which the products or the servicesare made available to the consumers. Addison Lee makes use of offices, online portals andapplication software for distributing the services in the UK and all the other regions in which theentity is operating the business. The most convenient method of assessing the services of thebusiness corporation is making use of an application. This one of the best and most convenient
and most affordable medium of distribution for both consumers' and also for a company as it iseasy to use and access can be done from anywhere at any time.Communication key messageCommunication plays a great role in promoting the services in front of the consumers. Themessages are considered as tools which aid the entity in conveying the ideas of the marketingteam to the consumers. The taglines and the slogans are the messages which assist thecommunication process in conveying the required details to the consumers. In case of AddisonLee. Addison Lee is more than a car service (Czinkota and Ronkainen, 2013). The messages areproven very much beneficial in stimulating the buying decisions of the consumers. Theymotivate the consumers and generate a will to buy the products and services of the entity.Use of AIDA marketing theoryThe above-mentioned marketing term is an acronym forAttention, Interest, Desire (or decision),Action which is also known as one of the founding principles of contemporary marketing andadvertising. The below mentioned is the use of the mentioned marketing theory for Addison Lee:Attention:Creating awareness or attracting the attention of the consumers is the first stepof the process. Addison Lee should create awareness for the products by making use ofeffective means of advertisement (Dunning, 2012).Interest:After attracting the consumer’s attention the business entity should startgenerating interest among the targeted consumers. This is the next step in the process.Desire:After generating the interest about the concerned product the next step is tocreate the desire for the product.Action:The last step of the process isthe action .i.e. making the decision for purchasingthe product.Methods of collecting feedbacksThe below listed are some of the significant methods of collecting feedback from the serviceusers and the same can be adopted by Addison Lee:Customer surveys:A detailed survey can be executed over the overall experience of theconsumer. These surveys will be conducted by the after sales service executive on thepersonal basis by visiting the consumers (Dunning, J.H., 2014).Telephonic surveys:Calling can also be considered as an effective method forconducting the survey and is also one of the cheapest means.Feedback forms:In this, the consumers are provided with a form which consist of somequestions related to the experience of the consumers and the service offered by thebusiness corporation.Conclusion
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