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Project Management
INTRODUCTIONGlobalisation is a process which helps an organization to sell its products andservices across the boundaries of nation.From decades it has been found that people'squality is becoming more crucial in nature which has a positive and negative impact oninternational economy. (Ahmed,Jimenez-Jimenez and Martínez-Costa, 2013).theorganization chosen for this report is a British multinational investment and financialservices company named Barclays bank whose headquarter is in London.The core businessof the company is personal banking, corporate banking, wealth management and investmentmanagement. Barclays bank is a coercivetransactional corporation in terms of ownershipand corporate control over global financial stability. This report is going todescribeconception of globalisationand its effect ongoingconcernat international marketplace.Moreover,it will also analyse the concept of investigation and methodological analysis bywhichrepresentation of collected outcomecan bethroughaccurately. Furthermore,somerecommendation are going to beenclosedforincreasinginstitutions for marketatinternational level.TASK 1P1Globalisation has been providing ample ample number of benefits to an organisation.In organisation context to Barclays Bank providing various financial services. Moreover,dealing with number of issues which are related to financial and banking services to runbusiness at international level (Den Hertog, Van der Aa and De Jong, 2010).Aim:“To determine the impact of globalisation and its economical effect on enterprise”. A studyon Barclays Bank.Research Objectives:To determine globalization conceptTo examine the advantages and benefits of globalisation for Barclays bank.To searchthe economical benefit of globalisation forBarclays bank.Research Questions:What is the concept of globalisation ?What are the benefits and advantages of globalisation for Barclays bank ?1
How to identify the economical benefit of globalisation for Barclays bank ?Background of ResearchIt has be analysed from past few years that globalisation has been a greater andwider subject to study.As this term is affecting the business organizations at internationallevel in both positive and negative way(Cranea nd Matten, 2016). In this report, it has beenfounded that forms are preparing in extending their business at international marketplace.Furthermore, supervisory of respective organisation as they have already kept in focusingtheir product and services world wide. In order in improvising their brand by dell their coreproductsthrough corporate banking, personal banking, investment management and wealthmanagementto its potential customer's at worldwide.P2Project management is basically aconventional or an authorizeddocumentation whichhelps anbusiness to control and manage its functions. It is a document which consist necessaryrequirementsaccompanyingto aimprovement program.Estimated cost, time, risk and scoperelated to project information is rendered through this document. In organisation context toBarclays Bank, a project documentation helps in good decision making.As it help inrecogniseoptimistic effect of economicculture and ethical aspect of globalization (Eckerson, 2010).Moreover,organizations functionssuch asoperations, human resource, finance and marketingdepartments. Furthermore,processof plans includes different aspect of elements which aredetermined below:Cost:Implementation of a project is determined generates or required enough cash.Herein, Barclays Bank need to analysing or evaluating different factors of raising fund fordifferent function of business. Estimated cost should be accurate as this estimated cost will createproblems in actual implementation of executing plan.Scope:Scope basically identifiesdifferent possibility related to the taskplanning forfuture. This will help Barclays Bank inraising theactivities other work activities with the help ofacquirableresources and taking advantages of opportunities. With help of this or by analysingdifferent impact and aspects of globalisation an organisation will enable torender its customersbetter quality of product and services.Time:Time is one essential element of each and every project as it identifies time inaccomplishment of project in performing activities of project. In this, case of Barclays Bank this2
project will rake 45 days for finishing its task and will lead to help in completing activities ingive time frame.Quality:Aplan is developed with the motive to provide excellent services to customerby satisfying their needs and wants by maintaining quality. In context to Barclays Bank there isa favourable globalization impact of economic, cultural and ethical aspect.which makes thebetter quality of services in functional task. Moreover, good quality of functional processhelpsthem in increasing the customer gain.Communication:In an organisation communication play an effective role. Herein,communication is essential in development and implementation of successful project. (Gebauer,Edvardsson and Bjurko, 2010). Communicating a plan to its staff member, shareholder and itsemployees as they help indistinguishing all connectedpros and cons whichcan effect inattainment of idea. Moreover, better encouragement consist of different views andthoughtwithother and help in decision making process. So in implementation of plan effectivecommunication is necessary as this leads to coordination and accomplishment of project in abetter way.Risk:In today's era each and every business is associated some short of risk involved init. While developing a project management a manager should keenly evaluate and analysis allconsiderable risk associated with business activities. In organisation context to Barclays Bank,herein the risk is associated to economic, cultural and ethical aspects as it is necessary toidentifying their impact on functional activities.Resources:In order to execute implementation in a better wayresearcher's important taskis to arrange requiredresources such as human resource, tools, equipments. Technologies andfund etc.. If these resources and plan and implemented in an appropriate manner then a projectwill be successful.P3Work Breakdown structure:This will help an organisation insub constitutionover allactionoftaskin various segments so this can bemaintained and disciplined easily.With thehelp of this investigation, valid conclusion can be easily achieved in set time frame.Basic Gantt chart:Gantt Chart isutilisedforframework and disconnectedtasksincorrect allotment of instance.3
Thus, this techniques help in conducting research in an appropriate manner in a given timeperiod.4
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