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Answer –The future vision of community psychology (CP) is a widened one and is not limited toa conventional approach, which addresses only to an individual focus. Instead the future visionof CP is integration of social, political, economic and environmental factors on the individuals topromote their wellness and healthy mindset at systemic levels (Moritsugu et al., 2015).Let’s take a hypothetical situation to illustrate the future vision of CP, suppose a caregiver in ourcommunity works at a clinic in town. Over the past few days she was engaged in treatingsexually transmitted disease patients. Each day abnormal number of patients were hospitalized inthe clinic and the caregiver gave them treatment one by one; however a situation came out ofcontrol when the number of STD patients grew abruptly. Now the caregiver felt the necessity toaddress health department about the critical scenario taking place in his/her clinic. At the requestof health department officer, a community psychologist was called to analyze and take thesituation under control by creating awareness program among people, especially teenagers tostop the spread of STDs.Answer – The five key concepts governing CP are1)Expanding the consultation process of community psychologist in various departmentssuch as schools, colleges, health care areas or government institutions.2)Delivering the core CP ideology of empowerment and systemic change to world.3)Explaining the ecological or environmental perspective of CP to hold the ideologiesfalling underneath it into a theoretical framework.4)Identifying the critical areas where community psychologist fail to achieve their goalswhile working with human services agencies.5)Limitations of the CP approach (Smith, 2015).
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