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Philosophy Assignment (Solution)

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Added on  2020-02-14

Philosophy Assignment (Solution)

   Added on 2020-02-14

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As per the theory of philosophy, terms “desert” and “social desert” refer to concepts ofjustice and distributive justice respectively. In accordance with the concept of social desert,every individual in the society has total self-ownership which is the basis of rights that theyenjoy (Distributive Justice, 2013). However, it is not the basis of their distributive justice as itdoes not involve only self-ownership but also, the public resources which each person in societyshould share along with their social rights and economic interests. The theory of social justicesays that there should be equal distribution and allocation of basic social resources in theeconomy.In the words of John Rawls, main idea of “Theory of Justice” is all about division ofsocial benefits through individuals who are engaged in social cooperation. Principles of justiceare mainly chosen behind the veil of ignorance which gives surety that no one is gettingbenefitted or disadvantaged by the contingency of social circumstances. However, the concept isnot saying that “justice” and “fairness” are same (Nussbaum & Martha, 2007). Rawls has alsogiven “Two Principles of Justice” in which the first is that each must have equal rights, that is,every one’s basic liberty must be compatible with the freedom for others. The second principlesays that social and economic inequalities are needed to be arranged in such a manner that eachperson in the society would get benefit of the same.Rawls has made a claim that “there should be re-distribution of a portion of citizen’swealth to those who are the least advantaged”. According to Rawls, society must be consideredas a cooperative venture with purpose to gain mutual advantage as it will lead to flourish thesociety through cooperation. However, cooperation always involves conflicts for avoiding ofwhich the most common and easy way is to distribute fruits of cooperation, that is, wealth bywhich overall utility can be maximised. For Rawls, justice is the result of utilitarian calculationas well as it is like a bargaining process where people used to walk away from any proposalwhich they find to be unacceptable for them. Rawls want a system that promises the welfare andgood for all. As per Rawls, “least advantaged” does not say about an individual but to thespecific “economic class” in terms of wealth and income and not as per the demographics(Piketty & Thomas, 2014). “Least advantaged” refers to the typical representatives of the lowestincome class. Rawls says that people who are born wealthy prefer to have more rigid world than that ofpoor manual workers. According to Rawls, if people born wealthy would want something that
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