Concepts of Territoriality and Natural Surveillance - Assignment

Added on - 28 May 2020

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ResponsesResponse 1In this assignment, the concepts of territoriality and natural surveillance under the processof CEPED are described with proper application of the facts. The paper has explained andcritically evaluated the opportunities and elements, which help to determine the designtechniques. It has focused on the guidelines, which is provided by the territoriality and naturalsurveillance under the process of CEPED.Response 2In this assignment, the paper has focused in the general procedure of CEPTED rather thatthe particular concepts of territoriality and natural surveillance. In the part of description ofCEPTED, it has discussed the procedures, definitions and impact on the society. In thediscussion of the strategy part, it is only focused on the various physical movement whichassessed by CEPTED.
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