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Conceptual Understanding of the Mathematics

Added on - 18 Feb 2020

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Professional Engineering: Summary StatementCompetency ElementA brief summary of how youhave applied the elementParagraph number in thecareer episode(s) where theelement is addressedPE 1 KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL BASEPE1.1 Comprehensive,theory basedunderstanding of theunderpinning natural andphysical sciences and theengineering fundamentalsapplicable to theengineering discipline.1.I conducted research into thefeasibility design of the LFOfarm tank. I observed theperformance of the electricalgeneration as well as thedistribution networks.2.I had conducted the projectwork to design agas leakagedetector and auto dialingcontrol system which iscapable to detect of gasleakage.3.The report is based onCareer Episode 1: CE 1.2.3,CE 1.3.1 and CE 1.3.2Career Episode 2: CE 2.3.1and CE 2.3.3Career Episode 3: CE 3.2.1,
development ofelectronicallycontrolled valves into thehydraulic systems.CE 3.3.1 and CE 3.3.2PE1.2 Conceptualunderstanding of themathematics, numericalanalysis, statistics, andcomputer andinformation scienceswhich underpin theengineering discipline.1.I had analyzed that itprovides with contaminationfree liquids. The main motivebehind design of floatingsuctions is for long as well astrouble free life.2.I had ensured that the alarmwill not switched off until thelevel of the gas reaches to itsnormal value of around400ppm.3.The controlled valveemployed into the hydraulic isclassified as single stage aswell as two stages of valves.Career Episode 1: CE 1.3.1Career Episode 2: CE 2.3.2,CE 2.3.3 and CE 2.3.4Career Episode 3: CE 3.3.1PE1.3 In-depthunderstanding ofspecialist bodies ofknowledge within theengineering discipline1.I had observed that it helpsto increase efficiency andreduce the maintenance of thefilter separators.2.I had determined that MQ-6Career Episode 1: CE 1.3.1
sensor is used to detect of gasleakage detections. This sensoris composed of AL2O3ceramic tube in addition to TinDioxide (SnO2) sensitivelayer, measurement ofelectrode and also heater arebeing fixed into crust which ismade up of plastic as well asstainless steel.3.I had determined that the useof electronically controlledvalue allows controlling thespool position of directionalcontrol that can turn the controlspeed of the actuator.Career Episode 2: CE 2.3.1,CE 2.3.4, CE 2.2.5 and CE2.4.2Career Episode 3: CE 3.3.1,CE 3.3.3PE1.4 Discernment ofknowledge developmentand research directionswithin the engineeringdiscipline1.I conducted microsimulations, process modelingas well as integration intodevelopment of the electronicsdevices as well as products.2.I have knowledge tomaintain the safety conditionsCareer Episode 1: CE 1.2.5,CE 1.3.1 and CE 1.4.2Career Episode 2: CE 2.3.2,CE 2.3.4 and CE 2.4.1
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