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Running head:CONCERT REVIEWConcert ReviewName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
1CONCERT REVIEWWithout any warning, the theatre went dark as the lights went off. It was the moment Ihad been waiting for so long. It was after four long years that I had been attending a live jazzconcert. My adrenaline sharply increased. It was the concert of one of the most famous multigenre American band- ‘Tedeschi Trucks’. It was held at Beacon Theatre, Manhattan, NewYork City on 10thOctober 2017(Band and Park, 2017). The venue was large enough for sucha concert but on the concert day it was completely packed up with the hall full of audiencesand it was very difficult for me to stand at the entrance queue with the rapidly expandingcrowd. After couples of minute, I was snuck down to the fifth row. The stage decoration waslucrative and amazingly eye catching. Susan, Derek and their super fantastic band are such awonderful treat and it was the third time that I have seen them. Maybe it was the best concertI have ever seen. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.There is no band other than the oneleading by this husband and wife team(Tillotson 2016). The level of power between thevoice of singer Susan Tedeschi and guitarist Derek Truck was from another world. Theirvocals are frequently searing. Jesse Aycock, the hard working multi-instrumentalist ha addedguitar to cover the famous traditional song of Sleepy John Estes “Love about it” and OliverWoods’ “Ball and Chain” (Wells 2012). Later, Todd Snider along with Dave Schools coveredThe Rolling Stones’ “Sweet Virginia” (Rickert 2013). Several other fabulous musicians werepacked onto the stage as a part of the band. The whole concert satisfied the ears of thelisteners who came for a multitude of musical rationale, be it relentless rhythms, lyricism orvisceral harmonies. The taste of music was filled with varieties of colors produced by the mixand match retinue and the audio stokes. The rest other songs includes “Are You Ready?”,“Made Up Mind”, “Sticks and Stones”, “Do I Look Worried ”, “Bird on the Wire” byLeonard Cohen, “Had to Cry Today”, “Swamp Laugh About It”, “Sweet Mama Janisse”,“Anyday” covered by Derek and Dominos, “Done Somebody Wrong” by Oliver Wood and
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