Research Report on Accumulation of Accurate Information

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Running Head: CONDUCTING RESEARCHConducting ResearchName of the studentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1CONDUCTING RESEARCHActivity 5: Conduct ResearchData collection methodThe data collection method will comprise of primary data. The research will be focusingon the accumulation of accurate information from the students in regard to their problems as wellas dissatisafaction relating to the course. It will also be focusing on the ways by which theimprovement regarding the course will be leading towards increasing the student’s interest.Since, the research will be conducted focusing specifically on the students, therefore, it isnecessary to do the collection of primary data (Orcher, 2016).Data collection instrumentThe data collection instrument that will be used for conducting the research will besurvey questionnaires. The questionnaire will be containing 10 close-ended questions having sixanswer options such as strongly agree, slightly agree, agree, disagree, slightly disagree andstrongly disagree.Sampling techniqueThe sampling technique that will be taken into consideration will be probabilitysampling, particularly random sampling. The random sampling technique is considered being abasic technique of sampling in which a group of respondents will be chosen regarding theresearch study from a larger group. There will occur the selection of each respondent completelyby chance. The random sampling technique will be considered since every respondent has gotsimilar opportunities to be selected (Punch, 2013). The sample size for the research study will be35 randomly chosen students .
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