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Configure an IT infrastructure solution for a small organization,including a network based on standard technology components,servers, security devices, and several different types of clients.You are the CIO/CSO of a company that employs 1,000 people in asingle building. This building is not only houses the office staff but ithas a 100,000 square foot shop where you produce 3 basic productswith 7 different sub systems. You are expecting a growth in business of10% per year over the next 4 years. You have been running thebusiness on an old model mid-range computer since 2003. When firstinstalled your response times were sub-second locally. Your responsetimes now are 10 to 30 seconds depending on the time of day. There isa need to have sub 3 second response times. This will be an importantconsideration if you decide to acquire a building across the street as asolution to increase you floor space.With the growth in business expected, you will be hiring at least150 more people, 100 will be on the shop floor, the others will bein Accounting, Engineering and Sales.Your building is too small for the new lines of product so you willhave to acquire another 25,000 sq. ft. of space. It hasn’t beendetermined yet as to whether to add on to the existing building orpurchase a site that is available across the street.It has been decided that the Accounting, Personnel andEngineering systems are all antiquated and need to be REPLACEDnot modified anymore.You have Internet access that you use for research and mail butyour WEB site is hosted in the cloud by a small local firm andthere has been some complaining by customers that the response
time for the site is sporadic and the content leaves a lot to bedesired on SOME of the products.One of the products that’s been developed by your company iscrucial to a defense contract that has been awarded to a customerof yours. They are requiring secure connectivity for the transferof Engineering drawings and to have System integration betweenyour product design team and theirs.At this time all of your devices are connected to a LAN with wiringthat is as old as the Mid-Range computer. You have a lot of Tow-Motors on the floor that have to stop at Kiosks to input their dataas they move and ship the product.The Engineering team uses MAC’s but have been complainingabout the limitations on the existing Software for them and thespeed of the machines. They need to go to different more robustHardware and Software systems.The devices on the floor of the shop need replaced. They are oldPC’s that run specific software back to a central server. Thissoftware can be run on a Mid-range system.There is a need to develop/design some new software to meetthe needs of the customer. This will be complex software andneeds to be functional in a year and will need to be supported forthe life of the product.Some things to think about:How many System Development Life Cycles (SDLC), will you haveto design. Show examplesWhat will the Disciplines be for the Unified Process, (UP).What type of core computer systems will you need?
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