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Running head: CONFLICT REPORTINGConflict ReportingName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note:
1CONFLICT REPORTINGIntroductionThe two books that are to be discussed are the Age of Jihad and the Lawless roads, boththe books are based on the reports of the conflicted areas, one in Mexico and the other in Middleeast. The writers of the books have given the accounts of the incidents through their ownpersonal experiences in those places. They travelled from their place to other place as journalists.It is very difficult to report in conflicted areas, but Patrick Cockburn and Graham Greene made itpossible by their efforts. They took the risk to be present in the conflicted areas, it was indeed alife threatening risk for both of them and they have successfully gained fame from their works.Age of Jihad written by Patrick Cockburn, about ISIS in Middle East. Graham Greene’s workLawless roads focuses on church demolition and the murder of the priests in Mexico (Epstein2013).In the late 1930s, Graham Greene was sent to Mexico for reporting the scenario of theplace and the reaction of people living there towards the cruel anticlerical purges of PresidentCalles.In the book “Lawless Roads”Graham Greene presents the findings of his investigationand the thrilling experience of that trip. His quest took him through the tropical states of Chiapasand Tabasco, where all the churches had been either demolished or shut down and the priestswere driven out or murdered. This incident served as the setting and background for one of hisgreatest works, “The Power of Glory”.The Lawless Roads” is an interesting work because oftherealstoryit tells about what happened when Graham GreenetravelledtoMexicointhe year1938, just before theSecond World War has started. The Catholic Church sent him there oncommissionbecause theywanted to find out more about the state ofreligious persecutioninthecountry. The book focuses on two specificissueswhich makes it difficult to read as well asmore intriguing. The first is itsreferencestoreligion, which does not make much sense unless
2CONFLICT REPORTINGone is a Catholic. The same can be said forMexicanwordsandplacenamesunless attention ispaid, they all more or less sound the same.The religious persecution was not evenly regulated; inTabasco every church or priest of the Church remained. In other places it had been a case ofopposition, of priests intentionally bearing and spending life, hiding in an unfriendly anddangerous area. The corruption of the priests was inevitable. The priests in those places wereexploiting the poor people by taking undue advantage of their fears. They charged a high amountfor the services. It was difficult not just for the Mexicans but also for the foreigners. People whorevolted against the corruption snatched all the assets of the priests’ and they were left strandedlike creatures are left after a receding tide. They had to live in an unfriendly place surrounded bypeople who hated them, and there was no way to escape the crisis. Graham Greene also had toface some of the hostile behavior during his journey to Mexico (Low 2017).The book is by an award-winning author ofbook The Rise of Islamic State, the essential story ofMiddle East disintegration.The Age of Jihadshows the conflict of modern Middle East and thedestructive role played by the West has played in the area from 2001 till today. Starting from theinvasion of US on Afghanistan, Cockburn investigates the big geopolitical fight between theSunni-Shia of Middle East. The clash has taken the shape of the war on terror, western militaryhad to intervene, an insurgency was started, the civil wars in Yemen, Libya and Syria, the ArabSpring, the decline of regional dictatorship, and the rise of Islamic State (Garza 2014).Cockburn shows the arresting in full detail, Islamic State did not come into existence in Syria infrom the Arab Spring, rather it has been emerging slowly. The organization has started manyyears and have occupied Iraq, before it grew to a point where it threatened the stability andharmony of the whole region. Cockburn was the first Western journalist who warned of theworld about the dangers posed by Islamic State and future it might get worse. The originality of
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