(PDF) Unionism and Employment Conflict Resolution

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Running head: CONFLICT RESOLUTION AND EMPLOYEE RELATION MANAGEMENTConflict resolution and employee relation managementName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
1CONFLICT RESOLUTION AND EMPLOYEE RELATION MANAGEMENTTable of ContentsIntroduction:2Employee relation manager and conflict resolution:2Core competencies in conflict resolution:3Conclusion:4References:5
2CONFLICT RESOLUTION AND EMPLOYEE RELATION MANAGEMENTIntroduction:In the present multidimensional corporate industrial environment there are a vast variety ofdifferent individuals working in a collaborative and cooperative harmony with each other.However, with so many different individuals belonging to different fields and having differentialexpertise the productivity and performance of the organization often depends heavily on eachother, and hence there is a need for a valid and effective employee relation management1. Thisassignment will focus on core competencies and responsibilities of an employee relationmanager and how it relates with conflict resolution, an inevitable concept in the present daycorporate scenario.Employee relation manager and conflict resolution:On an elaborative note, employee relation management can be defined as the process that thecorporate organizations utilize in order to smoothly operate or facilitate all different kinds ofemployee interaction with the ultimate goal of achieving ultimate productivity and performancebenchmark for the company. There are many core competencies and responsibilities of aemployee relationship manager, such as identifying objectives of the employees and how theycan met them without any hassle, determining the employee needs and grievances to be able tosupport better performance and job satisfaction for them, establishing and nurturing theinterpersonal relationship among the employees, and lastly monitoring and measuring theprogress of the interventions applied to improve employee interaction and co-operation in theorganizational setting2.1Hong Wang and Yanshen Sun, 'Applying Bi-Directional Link Mining In Personalized Recommendation'(2014) 9 Journal of Software.2Marescaux E, S De WinneA Forrier, 'Developmental HRM, Employee Well-Being And Performance: TheModerating Role Of Developing Leadership' [2018] European Management Review
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