Conflicting Themes of Help: Assignment

Added on - Mar 2020

The following present the Conflicting Theme of the story "The Help". According to the below study, the theme of the contemporary literary works presents the underneath meaning of the work signifying the central idea to the readers. Hence we will see in this literature work how the story of "The Help" is conflicting in nature.

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1CONFLICTING THEMES OF THE HELPThe theme a literary study entails the central topic of the text that the narrator treatsfor narrating his story. In other way, the theme of the contemporary literary works presentsthe underneath meaning of the work signifying the central idea to the readers1. A story canhave several different themes connected with the plot. For example, the central theme of theShakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is the theme of love. The entire story reflects the dominanceof love between Romeo and Juliet and focuses on the different incidents and conflicts aroundthe central theme. Another example of the love theme paramount throughout the storey isTwilight by Stephanie Meyer. The narrator in the story portrays the theme of love underlyingthe theme of the revenge. Forbidden love between Edward and Bella is the central theme ofthe novel, which the narrator has portrayed significantly throughout the story. Similarly, oneof the central themes of the novel The Help is again love, which is contrasted by the theme ofbitter hate. The novel does not reflect the love theme as romantic, but the contrast and thecounteraction between the suppressed love and dominant hate.The theme of love in The Help is not purely similar to the theme of Romeo and Julietand Twilight. Though the central theme of these three books are same, but the depiction andthe treatment of the theme is different from each other. Apart from the theme of love, thereare other conflicting themes of social class, race, violence and hate. The narrator has aptlydepicted the social conditions of the contemporary society. The racial categorization of theupper and the lower class has been done by the skin color2. The white people of the societybelonged to the upper class, whereas the black people are meant to be the maids and servantsfor the white people. The novel depicts the distinct relationship of the black and white peoplethrough various aspects of emotions.1Carroll, Joseph, et al.Graphing Jane Austen: The evolutionary basis of literary meaning. Springer, 2012.22017,

From the above literature work, we see there are several themes presented in the novel. In the novel and the book published, the central characters create a sense of camouflage in the novel, though both. signify the helpless condition of the black people. The novel, however, portrays the theme of love under the vague prevalence of hate.

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