Congestive Cardiac Failure


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Mr. John Hale was admitted to the cardiac ward of the hospital with a left sided
congestive cardiac failure. Mr. Hale is a 72 years old Caucasian male who states during the
admission that he has trouble breathing over the last three days and he has been experiencing
episode of shortness of breath. In addition, his feet are puffed- up and he is unable to put his shoe
on. The patient, Mr. Hale, also admitted that he has fluid problem in intermittent manner over the
last 5 years. The hospital’s has attended and examined Mr. Hale and he was admitted for the
management and treatment of left sided congestive cardiac failure.
At the time of the admission, Mr. Hale’s family history, past medical history was
collected and it is described in the following sections below.
Age: 72
Weight: 76 kg
Height: 170 cm
Allergies: NKA
Next of kin: Kate (Wife)
Children: Two son
Mr. Hale lives with his family and they are married for 40 years. They live together in his
family house. His elder son lives abroad and his younger son lived nearby his place. His younger
son is always keep in touch with him and helps them for setting up appointment with doctor and
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visiting them. Mr. Hale and his wife are very sociable and they mingle with the local community
very much.
Past medical History:
The past medical history of Mr. Hale is mentioned below:
Mr. Hale was diagnosed with left sided congestive cardiac failure 10 year earlier.
Mr. hale had bypass surgery (Coronary artery bypass graft) 10 years back.
Atrial fibrillation
Mr. Hale was a heavy smoker
Mr. Hale has a family history of coronary artery disease.
Being a congestive cardiac failure patient and his above mentioned condition, Mr. Hale had
to take a lot of medicine and the list of the medication is provided below:
Aspirin in morning
Digoxin in morning (one)
Perindopil for his heart in morning
Warfarin in night
Lasix as diuretics
Regular blood test, in interval of two days.
The patient who suffers from congestive cardiac failure has reduce blood pressure than what
is required by the body. This happens due to the ability to pump blood by the left ventricles. Due
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