Consent Requirement Assignment

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Consent Required:Personal information of an individual shall not be disclosed by the employerorganisation on or after the day of appointment unless –I.An informed consent has been or deemed to have been approved by the individualunder the deemed Act for collecting, using or disclosing, in accordance to thesituation; orII.Collection, disclosure or use, in accordance to the situation, without the informedconsent of individual is entail or permitted under the Act or any written law.Provision of Purpose:In the deemed Act, citations to the consent granted, or considered to have beengranted, by the individual for collection, disclosure or use of the individual’s personalinformation shall consist granted, or considered to have been granted, by any authorisedindividual acting in interest of that individual for the collection, disclosure or use of thepersonal information.Collecting and procuring customer’s personal information from the employment placein the absence of any likely reason.Considered Consent:In case an individual authorises, or is considered to have authorised, consent to thedeclaration of personal information of an individual by a firm to another firm for a specifiedobjective, the individual is considered to have consented to the gathering, declaration or useof the personal information for that specified purpose by the other firm.
9.— (1)In case of accessing any secure computing system is deemed as a punishable offenceunder sections 3,5,6 or 7, the person found guilty of offending the sections shall be liable ofconviction for an imprisonment of up to 20 years or a penalty of $100,000 or both.[21/98](2)The subsection (1) shall be valid, if the computing system is deemed as a “securecomputing system” if the individual offending was aware or ought reasonable to be aware,that the computing system or data or program is associated or are used directly in associationwith or mandatory for-(a)The defence, security or international relations of Singapore;(b)Identification or existence of the secret source of data relevant to pursuance ofcriminal law;(c)“The provision of services” that are undeviating relevant to the communicationsframework, financial and banking service, public transportations, public keyinfrastructure or public utilities; or(d)Systems that are relevant to protection of the public that includes the systemsrelevant to needed urgency services like the civil defence, the police and themedical services.[21/98](3)To proceed with prosecution within the law, it shall be conjectured, until the adverse isevinced, that the culprit is in possession of necessary knowledge in reference to subsection
(2), if there is, in accordance to the data or the program, computing system, electronic or,other cautions exhibited to the culprit quoting that unsanctioned access to the computingsystem, data or program attracts an amplified penalty under the deemed section.Unauthorised alteration of the computer material5.— (1)Concerning with the subsection (2), any individual who conducts any act that one isaware will root an unsanctioned alteration to the contents of any computing system shall bedeemed guilty of offence and hence liable to conviction of a penalty up to $10,000 or to animprisonment of up to 3 years or both and on repetition of the same act a penalty of $20,000or an imprisonment of up to 5 years or both.[21/98](2)If any causality is resulted as an offence to the deemed section, the individual convictedfor the offence shall be culpable of a penalty of up to $50,000 or an imprisonment of up to 7years or both.[21/98](3)Concerning with the deemed section, it is irrelevant that the act in query is not directedto(a)any specific information or program;(b)An information or program of any type; or
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