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Consider the following "tilde table" that could be represented

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Added on  2019-09-16

Consider the following "tilde table" that could be represented

   Added on 2019-09-16

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Consider the following "tilde table" that could be represented by the file cars.txt for persistenceMAKE~MODEL~TYPE~PRICEToyota~Camry~Sedan~18000Toyota~Tacoma~Truck~19000Ford~Mustang~Sport~21000Chevrolet~Corvette~Sport~48000Ford~F150~Truck~25000Toyota~Highlander~SUV~35000Since this is just for education purposes we will allow tilde tables to have the following attributes and limitations:-at most 12 columns-first row represents column names-all columns are strings (unless you want to define some types)-column values and column names are limited to 16 charactersWrite a java class named Algebra that will eventually have static methods representing the relational algebra and one additional method which displays the contents of a tilde table. All methods except for the display method return a string indicating success or an error message and for every successful operation a new tilde table is produced on disk. For now implement the method to show the table, the project operation, the restrict operation, and one other of your choice from this list:JOIN (assumes natural inner join), UNION, MINUS, INTERSECT, DIVIDESo the main body of a driver program might look like this://restrict the cars table to toyotas producing a table named toyotasAlgebra.Restrict("cars","MAKE='Toyota'","toyotas");//project just three columns from the toyotas table producing a table named answerAlgebra.Project("Toyotas","Make,Model,Price","answer");//display the contents of the answer tableAlgebra.Display("answer");output would be:MAKE MODEL PRICE---------------- ---------------- ----------------Toyota Camry 18000Toyota Tacoma 19000Toyota Highlander 35000Make your program generalizable. That is, it should work with any tilde table. Since the assumption foroption 1 is that tables may not fit into memory you are not allowed to load all the rows into an array or other collection. You can of course load a list of column names or something small like that into memory. If you can think of a way to clean up the temporary results tables that would be good. In
Consider the following "tilde table" that could be represented_1

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