Construction Equipment and Operations.

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Construction Equipment and Operations Topic : Construction Automation and Robotics
1. Introduction 1.1Brief outline of the entire study undertakingThis section would entail the clarification concerning the actual outline of theessential arguments which would be included in the entire task. It would alsoprovide the necessary delineation concerning the significance of selecting such aspecific subject for undertaking the study.1.2Introduction of the measures of the topic under considerationThis section would provide a concise but comprehensive introduction to the entiretopic under consideration and would mention the key aspects of the topic on whichthe study assignment would be constituted. 2.Technological advancement selected and how it worksThis section would demonstrate the in-depth description of constructionautomation and the utilization of robotics in enhancing and facilitating the overallvalue and efficacy of different construction endeavors. This section would alsoprovide additional information concerning the working processes of differentautomated and robot assisted working disciplines to provide the readership with adirectly relatable idea regarding the operational dynamics of such a selected topic.3. How it is incorporated into the construction industryThis section would be providing an extensive discussion on the variousconstruction discourses on which the entire discussion of construction automationand robotics would be formulated. This would provide detailed evaluation of theconstruction disciplines where robotics assisted automated construction processesare generally utilized. Such construction segments would involve automation and

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