Construction Management - Assignment

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Running head: CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT 0CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENTName of StudentInstitution Affiliation
CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT2AbstractTraditional building codes –The traditional building codes vary depending on the state as well as the municipality.The co traditional building codes are four in number and they includeStandard Building CodeUniform Building Code (UBC)International Building Code (IDC)National Building Code (Becker et al, 2007)Case studyThis case study focuses on the social housing project in the County of Los Angeles, California.Code used,The code which is applied in this scenario is the international building code. Theinternational building code is a traditional building code which was formed by the internationalcode council and usually, it is more conceded on the safety and the health issues thereby cuttingunnecessary costs emanating from the building and the construction materials (Hensen, 2004).How it is applied,The project was designed on the grounds of a typical masonry cavity which comprised ofcombining block work together with bricks with the tendering being an open one based on thebill of quantities and the drawings. After this, a separate but alternate construction techniqueswas awarded and was commissioned by the council after ensuring that it was in compliance withthe terms of the international codes. The construction then went down by overseeing that the
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