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Running Head: CONSTRUCTION PROJECT INFORMATIONConstruction Project Information[Name of Student][Name of Institute]
Construction Project Information1Construction Project InformationLO1Task 1(a)Construction information is the necessary element of every construction sector because itcontains each and every detail needed for making the construction in an effective way. Thesedetails are needed by every construction worker so that the tasks can be executed in a proper way(Wans,, 2017). Consultants, engineers, architectures, and contractors require construction sothat project can be completed. Construction information is also used for making the areas likefloor and parking. Construction information is also used for choosing the right material for theconstruction project(Šestáková, 2015, pp.2-9). Durable construction materials help in elongatingthe life of the construction building. Because the customer tells that the location is the industrialpark. The industrial park is very near to the International airport, so it is very essential that theconstruction-related decisions need to be taken effectively. Through construction information,the building location can be selected. It also aids in the effective analysis of the building.(b)The construction information is categorized majorly into Project-Specific Informationand the General Construction Information.
Construction Project Information2General Construction InformationIt is the construction information that helps in creating the general construction project.For every project, this information is required. Every industrial, residential, and commercialbuilding requires general construction information(Šestáková, 2015, pp.2-9).Project Specific InformationIt is a more specific kind of information. Specific Information is used for a particular kind ofinformation. Some prominent examples are:Schedule of windows, doors & other components.Concept DrawingsBill of QuantitiesSchedule of worksClient’s BriefEither the construction project is commercial or the residential different constructioninformation is essential. Without construction information, it is impossible to make theconstruction project(Wans,, 2017). It aids in giving guidance to the construction workers.In order to construct the construction project, additional information is also necessary. Thisinformation is required by the Surveyor. Construction information incorporates somerequirements that need to be meet(Šestáková, 2015, pp.2-9).The customer is accountable forgiving the construction information. This building has 5 stories.
Construction Project Information3Structured Type-Framed BuildingWithin this construction project, the major material are the concrete and the building-Steel(Wans,, 2017). Along with this, there are some necessary materials included as well.Outerwall Material: The material required for making the external wall needs to have anoptimum R-value.Acoustic Performance: It is crucial to have adequate Acoustic Performance. It is necessary thatthere should be proper absorbing material. For this building, there will be proper large rooms forthe conference. There are partition walls which have acoustic performance.Window Material- It is crucial that the window material needs to have a proper U-factor that isless than 0.35. In order to make this building, glass doors & curtain walls should use.(c)It is seen that in general construction Information, multiple regulations and codes arethere. In order to assess the construction building’s safety factors, it is necessary that thereshould be adequate general construction information(Šestáková, 2015, pp.2-9).The customer isaccountable for giving all the necessary kinds of information. Project-specific information isessential for making a specific project. Project-specific information comprises all the detail thathelps in making any specific area of the project(Pan, and Sidwell, 2011, pp.1081-1099). Project-specific information comprises details of necessary products and raw material. This informationhelps in doing the cost analysis.
Construction Project Information4LO2Task 2(a)North ElevationSite- Floor Plan
Construction Project Information5Conflict & Specification DetectionFloor Plan- 3rd& 4th
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