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Plan Building and Construction Work - Research Paper

Added on - 15 Apr 2020

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Construction Work and Plan Building1A RESEARCH PAPER ON THE CONSTRUCTION WORK AND PLAN BUILDINGA Research Paper on Construction ByStudent’s NameName of the ProfessorInstitutional AffiliationCity/StateYear/Month/Day
Construction Work and Plan Building2INTRODUCTIONThis research paper evaluates the construction of a two-storey building by outliningthe process of approval and the required certificates from applications for constructionapproval to the construction's occupation. The numerous categories of construction approvalswhich are being applied in the state in question such as local, integrated, complying, andexempt are also to be discussed by nominating clearly the category in which the developmentwould be under. The dissimilarity between the options of privately certified versus localgovernment approvals of the state in question.The various defects shown in the photos are also to be identified as well as theimpacts they have on the operation of the buildings. There is also a need to produce aschedule for construction in the format of critical path analysis and a Gantt chart. The initialplanning will include the start and end dates, duration of every task, list of tasks. Thestandards that have been considered for the approval process and certification isAustralia[ CITATION Kel14 \l 2057 ].Approval Process and Certificates RequiredThe process of construction in Australia requires a developer to put intoconsiderations the numerous requirements that require being fulfilled before the process ofbuilding can be undertaken. Every developer needs to diligently carry out issues that arelikely to be confronted in the construction process. The different types of building approvalswhich are applied in Australia include:Exempt Approval: In this type of approval, there is low impact on the local government andmay not require approval from Council if it attains certain standards under stateenvironmental planning policy and state environment planning policy[ CITATION Man15 \l 2057].
Construction Work and Plan Building3Complying Approval: This is a fast-track process of approval for proposals of developmentsthat are straightforward like new home or renovations of homes. The standards can bedetermined by a private or Council certifier without the need for a complete applicationdevelopment.Local Approval: In this type of approval, all the development requiring the Council’s consentare specified under the Port Stephen Local Environment Plan of 2013. This means that in anyconstruction, the local approval requires consent before the work is undertaken and should belodged with the Council[ CITATION Tek12 \l 2057 ].Integrated Approval: This type of approval is an approval that involves constructions situatedon land identified as prone to bushfire or constructions within the roads belonging to thepublic. There is a requirement of an administration fee for both the maritime and roadsservices. In case of this development, the type of approval that this construction would fallunder is local approval which can be categorized into two major sections.The certification and inspection of the project is an important phase which is requiredby the law that will ensure that the building is in accordance with the council regulation,Building Code of Australia, relevant Australian Standards, specifications, and approvedplans, to make sure that the structural amenity, safety, health, and integrity is met[ CITATIONTek12 \l 2057 ].Regulations,
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