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Running head: CONSUMER BEHAVIORCONSUMER BEHAVIORName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note:
1CONSUMER BEHAVIORIntroductionThe marketing communication tool selected is Television advertisement. Television isone of the most effective media that successfully persuades the customers. The advertisementselected for the discussion of consumer behavior theory is an advertisement of Oral-B. It is atelevision advertisement campaign of Australia. Oral-B is one of the most commonly usedToothpaste. This advertisement shows that Oral-B is the product of the year and is voted byAustralia’s Dental Care. Many people prefer the toothpaste because it satisfies the needs of thecustomers. Customers get the result they expect. But apart from what is the product offers to thecustomers the approach used by the company to communicate to the audience has a greater roleto play.Fig 1: Oral B Pro Health Announcer TV Commercial (source: YouTube)
2CONSUMER BEHAVIORThe figure above is the figure of an advertisement campaign of Australia. It is a televisionadvertisement. In this advertisement, the marketers convince their customers saying Oral B hasbeen voted product of the year. Australia’s Dental Care has voted it. This fact is enough topersuade the customers to buy the toothpaste. Here the reasoned action of buying the product ismotivated by the advertisement message that tells the target audience that Oral-B is the bestproduct. Indirectly the message is for both the existing customers and those who are yet to be aconsumer of Oral B (Head & Noar, 2014). Marketers know that consumers look for rationalebefore they plan to buy a product. Dental care is very important and so consumers would looksome sort of approval from dental association. The message that the advertisers want to send tothe audience is that Oral-B is the best toothpaste and even dentists approve it. They know thataudiences can be easily influenced and they will start searching for more information about theproduct. It is sufficient to generate interest amongst the customers. As per the AIDA model themarketers aims toGrab theAttentionof the CustomerGenerateInterestamongst themCreate aDesireto proceed for buying actionInduce the buyingActionThe advertisement of Oral B tooth shown above is the best example that explains howmarketers use the persuasion theory to influence the customers. They convince the customersthat the toothpaste will solve their all-oral problems. For persuading the customers, they even usethe terms like dentists say, approved by dental association and many more. People are convincedthat the toothpaste they are about to buy will give them the expected result. Consumers for
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