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Running Head: Consumer BehaviorConsumer Behavior
Consumer Behavior2Part 3Starbucks is a famous coffee retailer which provides coffee around the world. One of a famousbrand in its products is Teavana which is a great and healthy iced coffee tea. Qualities and tastesof its services make it capable to deal with its competitors efficiently and give a strongcompetition to them. The following bundle of attributes or features of Starbucks coffee Teavanafor the target consumers helps it in grow further:Aroma: The first and the foremost feature added by the Starbucks in its coffee products isAroma. It is a way of the coffee smells. Some examples of the Aroma are floral, earthy,nutty, and the spicy. These different flavors are directly related to the actual flavor of thecoffee produced by the Starbucks (Dorn, 2016). There are a large number of competitor'sdeals in the coffee products, but they fail in adding the aroma feature in their products.This has been done by only Starbucks which make it the first popular and high-qualitybrand in coffee.Acidity: Another feature offered by Starbucks in its coffee and other products is Acidity.When acidity is referred as a coffee-tasting term, it means that it is related to the pH ofthe coffee. In the coffee products of the Starbucks, one can easily identify the lively,palate-cleansing features of its flavor profile. Due to this, Starbucks able to derive highsatisfaction to its customers.Flavor: It is the strongest attribute and feature offered by the Starbucks to its targetcustomers. Flavor means the taste of coffee produces by the Starbucks. This feature of theStarbucks products seems to register in different parts of the mouth. Berries, Citrus, andCocoa, are just a few flavors added by the Starbucks in its products (Li, 2017). One can
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