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Running head: Consumer BehaviorConsumer Behavior
Consumer Behavior"Blogs and Customer Reviews"Blogs and reviews are nowadays mostly preferred by the people of the society. At thetime of purchasing a product, they focus on the reviews given by the customers and also on theblogs which are posted by the Bloggers. The customer review is actually the feedback which isgiven by the customers according to their experience. The feedback given by the customers canbe negative as well as positive. Blogging is a medium of conveying information in which thebloggers post the content and pictures of a product by elaborating the places and giving theirfeedback on the products and services. It is a platform which can be used to interact with themasses at large scale (Ballantine and Au Yeung, 2015). Blogging is considered as a popularsource of information for the public and has also become famous search engine optimizationtool. It is because Yahoo and Google focus on the blogs updated by the people on a regular basis.Blogs are considered as a source of media that helps to spread new among the public at large.So, this paper will emphasize on how blogs and customers reviews are an essential factorthat has its influence on the purchasing decision of the customers (Zhang et al., 2016). Throughinternet, the customers accumulate all the ideas related to the products with the blogs andreviews. The information which is available on the internet has an impact on the mindset of thecustomers. The information which is mentioned in the blogs and reviews changes the thinkingpattern of the customers. The customers start relying on the information which is mentioned bythe fellow customers and bloggers (Jones and Kim, 2015).In the present situation, the customers are giving emphasis on the digital technologies andevery individual is focusing on clinging to the digital means so that information can be gatheredeasily. Nowadays people are purchasing products with the help of digital technologies like forordering the products and also to check the review of that product, focus is given more on thedigital technologies (Ahuja, 2015). Before purchasing a product the customers explores throughthe reviews and blogs so that accurate decision can be taken towards purchasing the products.The power of taking a decision is related to the views and blogs posted on the social media sites.If the reviews are posted are negative then the consumer will change their mindset and will notbe biased to purchase the products. Also blogs and customer review help to introduce newproducts to the market as the customers get aware of the products through blogs (Gu and Ye,2014).1
Consumer BehaviorCustomer review and blogging effects the purchasing decision of the consumers. Peoplegive more time on reading blogs and customer review so that information can be achieved ofeach and every sector. The review and blogs give impact on the thinking of the customers. Whilereading blogs and reviews the mindset of customers changes. If the customer has a negativeimage of the product it can be changed to perceive the positive points and also it can provokethem to purchase the products and services. It is a tendency of an individual to consider thatinformation which is given by others who has actually used that product (Jarreau and Porter,2018).If a person says that a particular product is worth buying then another person will alsohave a positive perception. By utilizing the online medium it can be easy for the people to gathermore information. By reading the customer reviews and blogs the customers can also know theprices of the product and can take decision accordingly. When an individual is confused inselecting the products of a similar type then they focus on reviews and blogs so that right productcan be selected. If the blogger gives wrong feedback then it can create a negative image in themind of the customer towards the products and services of the company and it can be difficult forthem to trust the product of the company (Kim, Kiousis, and Molleda, 2015). Therefore, it can beevaluated that customers can easily take correct decisions by giving emphasis on blogs andcustomer reviews.By reading blogs and customer review it can be easy to select the product with low risk.When the bloggers and customer gives their review then it helps the customer to find out theactual utility of the product. If the utility of the product matches their requirement then theypurchase the product without giving any other thought. At the time of purchasing the product, thecustomer always go through the blogs and reviews of the customers so that accuracy of theproduct can be checked and also they can take the appropriate decision. Customers always focuson blogs and reviews because they consider it as a reliable source to gather the overallinformation. They feel safe at the time of purchasing the product. Reading blogs and reviewposted by the consumers, is one of the source which they consider to minimize the overall risk.They will select those products only on which the customer review and blog written by theblogger is positive so that risk can be reduced to a minimal value (Wu et al., 2017).2
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