Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy Assignment

Added on - 28 May 2020

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Research Project DetailsReport titleConsumer Behavior and Market StrategyIndustry PartnerThe Crane Bar and Restaurant fieldMarketingOverarching ProblemMy industry partner, which is a restaurant, is having trouble reaching out to younger folks in order to bethe trendy joint. Millennials are active and want affordable meals when they go out to eat, drink and makemerry. My research project will explore this group of people (millennials) and figure out their definition oftrendy. It is important to solve this problem so that the restaurant can adjust and be fashionable. Moreover,their sales have been stagnant for a couple of years.While there are likenesses crosswise overages or generations, there are likewise various clear contrasts.For instance, twenty-year-old to thirty-year-old will probably need to post their drinking incidences onsocial media. Moreover, such a gathering of customers is anxious to figure out cooking also they areextremely drawn in with nourishment (Kimet al., 2013). Another essential knowledge is that whentwenty-year-old to thirty-year-old are baffled with a feast result, they are considerably less prone toattempt this feast once more, which clearly influences their eating knowledge and recurrence of attemptingnew meat formulas. Concerning cooking, albeit both twenty-year-old to thirty-year-old and non-recentcollege grads demonstrate that their folks were persuasive in showing them to culinary skills, recentcollege grads thought they are disposed to utilize sites and culinary TV shows to figure out how to preparefood (Paul & Jerry, 2010).Overarching ResearchAimThe aim of my research project is to decipher the current generation, popularly known as millennials andwhy they prefer a particular restaurant. The outcome of this research is an effective and efficient marketstrategy for The Crane Bar and Restaurant. There are currently almost 80 million twenty-year-old to thirty-
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