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Added on - 16 May 2020

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Running Head: Consumer BehaviourBlogs and consumerreviewsImpact of Customer reviews and Blogs onBuyer Behavior
Consumer BehaviorP a g e|1Impact on Buyer Behaviour-Consumer review and BlogsBuyer behaviour can be understood as the systematic approach consumers follow when entering thepurchase process and making the buying decisions. This can be seen as four step process which helpsto understand the buyer behaviour at a microscopic level.Need recognitionis the first step in theconsumer buying process; this is a point at which a consumer becomes aware of existence of afunctional or an emotional need. Hence, the marketers play an important role in need recognition bystimulating the need awareness in its marketing plan.Information searchis conducted Post needrecognition, consumer look forward to compare the products against a given set of criteria and alsolooks forward to evaluate other option. Marketers here have to focus on effective positioning andstrong brand development to appear in customer information search (Solomon, 2014). In order todrivepurchase and customer experience, customer loyalty and retention are very important toinclude in the marketing strategies, when the company is looking for long term relation with thecustomers. Provide loyalty programs; add on selling efforts etc. help in building loyalty amongst theconsumers.Customer arrives at a decision bycombining all the information he has collected andevaluated with his need for product, he gets into a decision mode to buy the product. Everyone fromhis peers, subordinates, word of mouth, internet, blogs, reviews assist him in making the rightdecision (Khaniwale, 2015)Hence it can be said that Buying behaviour extremely impulsive in nature, but it is more like doing asystematic research on the product, and hence it leaves the current marketers a lot of gaps to fill inwith their marketing strategy, one such part of the marketing strategy which influences the buyingand purchasing behaviour of consumer is consumer reviews and Blogs.Internet has a global penetration of 46%, which means 3.419 Billion people are connected throughInternet out of the total population of 7 Billion. Also the unique Social media users are 2.307 Billion
Consumer BehaviorP a g e|2and unique Mobile users add up tune to 3.790, the world can be seen more like a global villagewhere every person is connected with internet. Internet thus opens a lot of avenues for the marketsto promote their products and services and influences the customers buying behaviour(Poushter,2016)Consumer review have a very strong role to play in influencing the buying behaviour of thecustomers, hence it is very important to learn and understand the impact and attitude of thecostumer review on the consumers. According to one of the studies conducted in 2016 it has beenshown that as many as 90% of the consumers read online review and an overall majority of 88%trust the online reviews and recommendation. It can be said that online reviews comes in handy tothe customers when they are looking forward to buy a product, it helps them in in their purchasedecision. Moreover it also makes sense as the customer reviews posted online are the reviews ofpeople who have already used the product, and thus it makes more sense to trust their reviews. Asmentioned earlier that the world has slowly but gradually transformed into a global Internet andhence a lot of information is available online which makes the customer buying journey easy andfilled with utmost certainty. Customers these days put same or more amount of trust on thecustomer reviews as much they put it on their peers or closed ones, it has become that importantaspect in customer purchase journey (Park & Nicolou, 2015). The world today is changing; the buyinghabits of people are change and also the buying process. The days when people used to go to themalls, speak with the sales representatives, take their word on the product has been replaced bycomments posted online by the customers. The shopping is now limited to Internet, thanks to anumber of e-commerce sites which have eased the buying process for the consumers. Amazon,Alibaba, Flipkart, E-Bay are the e-commerce sites which work on a marketplace model and facilitatestransaction between buyers and seller, they just act as a medium in connecting the buyer to sellerand facilitate the journey. Hence, it becomes important for the e-commerce companies to get goodquality sellers on the board. It is more likely that a new consumer will buy from the seller who hasgood review online and people have been appreciating the quality of product he has provided in thepast. (Cantallops & Salvi, 2014) Positive review in a way gives a relief to the consumers, he knowsthat the product he is looking to buy is good in quality and will be able to fulfil all the needs that heis looking forward to. At the same time, his faith is restored by the validation been given to him bynumerous positive customer reviews. Another important study conducted on the buyer buyingbehaviour was that customers are more likely to spend 31% more on a business or a product withexcellent review, this is most certainly not something astonishing, as it relates to buyer’s innatenature of getting the excellent product at an affordable price. Customer review not only help inincreasing the sale, but it also helps in building a strong brand image in the minds of the consumer,
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