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Essay on Consumer Behavior

Added on - 16 May 2020

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Running Head: Consumer BehaviorConsumer behavior
Consumer Behavior1Essay: Blogs and Customer Reviews and their Influence on the purchase decision processWith the change in the business environment, there has been a change in the factors which createan impact on the buying behavior or purchase decision of the customers. Technology is beingused by the customers for providing their views towards the products or services used by them.Blogs, online platforms, and websites are being used by the users for expressing their views for aproduct. Organizations are operating with a motive to attract the customers and enhancing thecustomer base (Chiang & Hsieh, 2011). Online reviews of the customers regarding the productsor services have gained much importance as these reviews play a vital role in customer decision-making process. Customers are well-informed and are using online platforms for the purpose ofproviding reviews for the products or services consumed. Information regarding the products isprovided to the users on the blogs or online platforms. This increase in the trend of onlinereviews has changed the buying behavior of the customers. Customer reviews create an impacton the opinion of the customers towards the product or service (Kaplan & Haenlein, 2009). Thisessay will discuss the concept of blogs and customer reviews, customer purchase decision, andimpact of the blogs and customer reviews on the purchase decision process of the customers.With the change in the buying patterns and shopping trends, customers have changed themanner to analyze the quality of the products. Blogs are considered as a place where users orpotential users can read the reviews of the services or products. Organizations are hiring expertswith a motive to write down reviews for the products so as to influence the individuals andenhance the customer base of the organization. Blogs are the online services which create animpact on the purchasing decision of the individuals. Different organizations are using blogs foras a medium for affecting the buying behavior or decision of the people. Reviews of the
Consumer Behavior2customers and revenue of the business are directly linked to each other and reviews of thecustomers also create an impact on the loyalty of the customers (Cronin, et. al., 2010).There are various innovations or trends occurring in the business environment. For thepurpose of operating in the dynamic business environment in a successful manner, organizationsneed to adopt the latest trends and innovations. With the growth of new media, blogs and onlineplatforms have gained importance. With the growth of digital technologies, customers havestarted using the internet and these digital technologies for sharing their opinions and feelings.The opinion of the consumer is considered as the electronic word of mouth which has thepotential to create positive as well as negative impact on the products or services. Blogs arebeing considered as a medium for reaching a large number of customers (Chintagunta, et. al.,2010). For example, Twitter is being used by the customers for expressing their reviews towardsthe products or service consumed by them. JetBlue has used Twitter for engaging the customersand responding the customers quickly (Burke, 2016).Bloggers have acted as opinion leaders as their views affect the opinion of the customers.Bloggers are using blogs for the purpose of creating an impact on the attitude formation andfuture purchase decisions. Blogs and customer reviews act as an inspiration for the others andmotivate the individuals for purchasing the products or services. Blogs or customer reviews arebeing used by the customers as a low-cost approach for gathering information regarding theproducts and determining the buying decision. Different bloggers are writing regularly for theconsumption experiences gained by them from the consumption of the products or services(Money, et. al., 2011). For example, Xbox has been considered as one of the most expensivebrands on Twitter. Xbox is providing fast response to the feedbacks of customers so as toenhance the satisfaction level of the customers (Burke, 2016).
Consumer Behavior3Customer purchase decision can be explained as the process of taking a decision by thecustomer regarding the purchase of the product or service. The intention of the customer topurpose the product or service is based on the willingness of the individual to buy and ability tomake payment for the products or services. There are various factors which create an impact onthe customer purchase decision. These factors include the impact of the blogs and customerreviews, personal factors, social factors, economic factors, social media and psychologicalfactors. For every business, it is essential to gain an understanding of the importance ofconsumer behavior for gaining competitive advantage in the business environment. For thepurpose of creating an impact on the buying decision of the customers, there is a need to developknowledge of the buying behavior of the customers (Money, et. al., 2011).In the words of Hashmi (2012), it is quite tough for the businesses to predict the behaviorof the customers regarding the product or service offered by the business. Different stages areincluded in the consumer buying process which guides the decision of the consumer regardingthe purchase of product or service. Consumer decision-making process is a complex process andfor attracting the consumers towards the products or services, businesses have to satisfy theneeds and expectations of the customers. Blogs and customer views regarding the products orservices can result in positive as well as negative impact on the consumer decision-makingprocess. Positive reviews of the customers enhance the satisfaction level among the customerswhich helps in attracting the customers. Negative reviews of the customers and bloggers canaffect the satisfaction level of the potential users in a negative manner (Yang & Ghose, 2010).Sales and performance of the organization get affected due to the satisfaction level of thecustomers. This dissatisfaction is being shown by the customers on blogs and online platforms inthe form of reviews. For finding the information related to the product and quality of the product,
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