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MKT 60012 : Consumer Behaviour

Added on - 30 Sep 2021

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Consumer Behavior
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Topic – Considering the most relevant consumer behavior theories explain if it is possible
for Zoos Victoria to change the attitudes of people who feel negatively towards zoos.
Suggest a campaign to improve public appreciation of their conservation work, ensuring
that they ground the ideas in consumer behavior theory.
History of Zoos
It is true that Zoos were started as amusement parks and menageries in the 1800’s. It had
a past history which was of pure entertainment. The animals were caged and used to amuse
people. However, the role of the zoos has evolved. Currently, zoos are making huge contribution
to protect the animals from randomly being killed, to conserve the species which are rare and
heading towards extinction. The role of zoos has grown up to prioritize education, research and
preservation. There are laws too that guarantee the welfare of the animals such as theMarine
Mammal Protection Act, Animal Welfare Act, Endangered Species Actand many others. There
are the Accreditation bodies that observe that the aquarium and the zoos protect their animals
with great care.
It has to be kept in mind that instead of the animal protection laws, policies, animal
conservation acts and the benevolence of modern zoos, certain incidents have turned the
perception of people downwards (Carr 2016). One such incident can be the gunshot death of a 17
years old gorilla named Harambe in the Cincinnati Zoo as the gorilla harmed a boy due to the
openness of enclosure. People blamed the zoo authorities for such openness (Phippen 2018).
Another incident is death of few animals due to malnutrition, tranquilizing and repeated injuries
at the time of transportation. Such instances have surely influenced the people behavior and can
harm the popularity of the Zoos Victoria too.
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