Role of Consumer Behaviour in Advertising

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IntroductionAdvertisements are the way to influence and capture the attention of the consumers. Advertisements needto be creative, innovative, unique and should be able to bond with the masses. To create interestingadvertisements, the brands use consumer behavior to connect with their mindset, behavior, and emotionsthis can drive them to use advertised products and services. Some advertisements are creative which grabcustomer thoughts with their appalling messages and contents. Research and evidence have found that theconsumers can connect with the advertisements due to various reasons which can religion, emotional,sentiments or due to the consumer behavior. An advertisement is an audio and the visual content of themarketing communication. It needs to be a known personal and sponsored which can promote anyinnovative product or services. The advertiser has a control of the message and the advertiser is requiredto be paid. It is not personal and not directed to one individual; it is broadcasted for the masses. It can becommunicated through the various mass media[ CITATION Bro14 \l 1033 ]. The advertisements creationcan be broadcasted through various modes and channels such as television, radio, magazines, newspaperand the content is offered in an innovative message which is appealing and catchy. The advertisementscan be commercial and the not commercial one, while the commercial can be associated with specificbrand products and services in order to promote the sales such as Coca Cola or Colgate. The nocommercial one is usually the advertisements which are paid by the political bodies, religiousorganisation and the ethical bodies such as political campaigning etc.. The other types of advertisementsare broadcasted by the non profit organisation which is to create awareness and the follow a modes ofpersuasion for example tobacco advertisement, child welfare etc.Identify the advertisementThe advertisement which I have identified is the marketing campaigning for the Lamb[ CITATION Arm15 \l1033 ]. This advertisement is broadcasted to promote Meat and lamb within the Australia which hasvarious religious figures such as LordGanesha, Jesus, Buddha, Scientology, founder Ron Hubbard had alunch. They are having a lamb lunch and the discussion is the uniqueness and the promotion of the
Australian Lamb and Meat eating. The main objective is to create awareness and appeal the masses, bymaking them understand the benefit of eating the Lamb and meat eating. The campaigning main aim is toestablish that irrespective of the religion and diversities within the Australia, everything can be connectedby offering a lamb lunch. The media channels such as television, radio, newspaper and various publicrelations have joined hands in order to promote the Lamb and meat camping within the Australia. It isadvertised in thetraditional and modern Australia which is broadcasted for 30 seconds in the televisionand while broadcasting online it has 2 minutes of online content to deliver the message of the lamb love.It features the Australia from differentparts are welcomed and to come together for the Lamb barbequewhich is supported by the various ministers and the appalling public relation channels.The Meat and Lamb advertisement are promoting a product of the meat and lamb. The product isconsidered as not vegetarian and part of the food industry[ CITATION Sto14 \l 1033 ]. And the type ofadvertisement appealing is for the general class and for the all the consumers irrespective of any class,religion or gender.Ad backgroundIn the advertisement, one can see various religious figures and the Gods along that the founder Ron isenjoying the lamb meat[ CITATION Bak13 \l 1033 ].Religious figures which include Jesus Christ, Buddha,Zeus, Aphrodite, Moses, and the Hindu god Ganesha. The Meat & Livestock Australia lamb advertisersand brings a unique campaign by which they aim to bring the range of divinities and various prophetswithin the one platform of Aussie outdoor barbecue. They are discussing the benefits and requirements ofthe meat and lamb eating. In the advertisements, while sitting for lunch they are seen as discussing not tobring religion into the lunch table. After this, they also discuss that it is a night mare to follow each andevery dietary requirement while treating all the individuals under one lunch table[ CITATION Ben14 \l1033 ]. Then they toast towards the Lamb. The God is referred to as a butt of jokes andthe catchy contentto be seen was the Buddha jokingly describing the elephant which needs to be addressed. While all thegods, people, and the superpower enjoys the special lunch along with the Lord Ganesha is seen as eatinglamb lunch and enjoying every coarse of the meat. They also detail by advertising that through the lamb
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