Consumer Behaviour and Insight: Assignment

Added on - Dec 2020

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Consumer Behaviourand Insight(Part-1)1
INTRODUCTIONConsumer Behaviour and insight are two most important aspects for business in order toimprove the quality of their offerings provided to the customers. By determining the behaviourof the consumers, an organisation can offer their products and services as per the perceptionwhich will increase the sales of firm and satisfaction of customers. The Natural grocery is thetaken firm in this assessment report which is a UK based organic food and grocery providerstore. This report will discuss the models of consumer decision making process along with theaspects that influences the buying decisions of the customers. This report will also map out theprocess of decision making for the products and services of the selected firm and its importancewill also be discussed.1:Consumer decision making is the process which is used by the customers in order to selectthe suitable products or services in the market place. The needs and demands of customers varieswith person to person due to which their decision making also varies (Calder, Isaac andMalthouse, 2016). This process is also known as the process in which a person gets involvedwhile purchasing products and services.Models of the decision making process for customers isdiscussed below:Economic Model:This model is based on the assumption that the customers are thehumans who usually takes rational decisions. This model implies that the customers liketo analyse the products and services before buying them. This model is not suitable to useas skills among people varies which also impacts their decisions.Passive Model:This model states that the consumers take the decision based on thepromotional activities practised by the firms in order to attract them. However, customersalso do analyse the products before taking any decisions not only based on promotionalactivitiesCognitive Model:This model states that the customers took the decision for purchasingthe products based on their needs and demand not on the basis of promotional activitiesor rational decisions.Emotional Model:This model states that the decisions taken by the individuals are basedon their emotional behaviour or emotions. This model also states that the humans are3
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