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CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR:Who is Consumer?Consumer is an individual or organization who consumes products and services made anddelivered for the purpose of consumption (Loveland, 2016). A consumer buys products andservices for personal use. Individuals or organizations who purchase products and servicesfor the purpose of manufacturing, sale o business are not consumers. Purchasing decisionshas been taken by the consumers by considering their needs, preferences and affordability.decision making of the consumers are the most influential phenomenon in the markingstrategies of the business organization. Consumers go to the store or search online and buytheir preferred products by paying the value of the products and services.How Consumers behave?Consumers behave in a different way. Behaviour of the consumers is the medium betweenconsumer and the purchase of the products and services of different business organizations.Behaviour of the consumers depends on presence or influence of several relevant factors(Champnisset al. 2017). These factors can be the age group of the consumers, purchasingpower parity of consumers, socio-cultural background of the consumers, understandingability of the consumers etc. Consumers behaviour generally get influenced by theadvertisement of the products. Getting under the influences, consumers sometimes makeirrational choices regarding the purchase of products and services. They want to be praisedand satisfied for their buying decisions and easily become unsatisfied as a result of their poordecisions.
How this add is trying to influence consumer behaviour?[]The concerned advertisement developed by NIKE tried to influence the behaviour of theircustomers or consumers of sports products. Admiring efforts of general or mass public intheir way to become great, they have tried to capture the attention of the consumers. It isquite noticeable that whom they are targeting (Habibiet al.2016). Addressing thedevelopment needs of different kind of consumers make this advertisement acceptable to all.The underlying message is -Great or not great, all consumers need to use NIKE in order tostay or become great; and even if they are not choosing NIKE, NIKE will continue to walk bytheir side and watch them to become great.Where this add fails?This advertisement is effective enough to cover almost all the behaviour of the consumersneeded (Stephen, 2016). But, this advertisement remain concise within the boundary of somespecific area or continent. It misses to address the consumers all over the world. Apart fromthis, this advertisement is bit lengthy; in this busy world, consumers do not have additionaltime to spend on such lengthy advertisements.Models of Consumer Behaviour:Business organization uses different consumer behaviour theories and models to understandand predict the responses of the consumers (Oyserman and Schwarz, 2017). Advertisement ofthe products and services should consider the importance and understanding of followingconsumer behaviour models. Feedback of the consumers should have been explored inutilizing behavioural theories of consumers in the advertisement of products and services.Growing importance of digital media enhances the utility of these behavioural theories.Marshallian Economics:
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