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Consumer Decision Making Process PDF

Added on - 23 Nov 2020

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RECOMMENDATIONSConsumers are the main and essential factor in any organisation. So it is necessary to consider the human behaviour for attaininggrowth and success. Generally consumer's behaviours are varied from different factors such as cultural, social, economical andtechnical. These all factors modify the decision making process of consumer's.REFERENCESErkan, I. and Evans, C., 2016. The influence of eWOM in social media onconsumers’ purchase intentions: An extended approach to informationadoption.Computers in Human Behavior.61. pp.47-55.Theme 3Technical factors is the core division that affect thebusiness61014Theme 3 Technical factors is the core divisionthat affect the business·Environmentalfactors·Economicfactors·TechnicalfactorsAccording to the above table it is concluded that there are 14respondents who are agreed that Technical factors is the coredivision that affect the business. There are many other factorssuch as economic and legal but digitization has fully changed thedecision making process of consumer.Theme 2Cost and Time both factors contribute inthe process of research project7815Theme 2 Cost and Time both factorscontribute in the process of researchproject·Cost·Time·BothofthefactorAccording to the above table it is concluded that thereare 15 respondents who are agreed that cost and timeboth factors contribute in the process of researchproject. As researchers have generally specific time tocomplete the research project and the budget is alsorestricted the scope of investigation.Theme 1Digital technology is affecting the businessof TUI group12108Theme 1 Digital technology is affectingthe business of TUI group·Yes·No·CannotsayAccording to the above table it is concluded that thereare 12 respondents who are agreed that digitaltechnology is affecting the business of TUI group bydifferent ways as it is increasing the performance levelof the workers and decreasing the operating cost.LITERATURE REVIEWTheme 1The main factors which influence the decision making process of consumer :There are mainly five factors which influence the decision making process such as market campaigns,economic conditions, personal preferences, group influences and purchasing power of the consumer.Promotion plays an important role in determinant the purchasing conclusion made by consumers.Theme 2Technology And Its Impact On Consumer Behaviour :In the today's competitive market, technological advancement huge change the marketing activities andconsumer behaviours. Expectations level of the customers have changed and new communication channelsare implemented by which it directly effects the activities and operation of the business. Technology hastotally modified the business environment, customers can access the goods and services at anytime throughthe mobile.Aims and ObjectivesAim:“To analysis the influence of technology on consumer decision making inTravel and Tourism Sector – A Case Study on TUI group”Objectives:To find out the main factors which influence the decision making processof consumer.Understanding the Technology And Its Impact On Consumer BehaviourTo analyse the different consumer behaviour model which are connectedto the technological advancement.TASK 4 Findings and Outcomes
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