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Consumer Protection Act 1987 | Tourism Industry

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TASK 33.2 Consumer protection laws in the travel and tourismConsumer protection act 1987 is made to safe the consumer and provide them certain right against the service that are used by them.under this the consumer have the right to claim compensation against any kind of injury or damage is happen in the services givenby the travel industry.Consumer claims against different travel fields1.Rail Industries : under the rail industry if there is the delay in the time of travel during the trip then the consumer havethe right to demand for the compensation.2.Flight : under this if the there is delay or cancelled of flight then the consumer have the right to get the refunds .3.Holiday package : If the consumer is not satisfied with the service of the hotel staff or the room or hotel then he is liableto get the compensations against the it.4.Cruises and ferries : under the cruises booking if the consumer have any kind of issue then he is able to get thecompensations.Consumer protection laws11Trade description act 1968 : It is an act of discrimination related with the trade to the consumer who have facing theproblem of misleading is for the giving wrong statement to the consumer regarding the tourism . There is a provision ofpenalties to the tour operators in giving false description to the consumer.Example : if the operator is recommend the booking of 5 star hotel to the consumer but when he was their it came out to be 3 star soin this case he has to pay penalties or fine.11Travel,tour and holiday package act 1992 : under this act if the consumer is taken the package then he is liable to getall the services related to it under the section 1992 if he found any think wrong then he is able to get the compensationfor it.11Health and safety act 1974 : under this act the consumers are liable to have safe and health journey from any travelmedium .if they are not getting according to the need then he can able to sue the industry for the problem .11Misleading price indication : As a consumer they have the option of choosing right tour package of there conveniencebut there are many tourism industry by offering varieties of scheme and plan in the form discount to attract them withthere price indication which make the consumer very difficult to select .these misleading can affect the mind set of theconsumer and can claim against the tourism industry ta case of misguiding.
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