(PDF) The Consumer Rights Act 2015

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Research Proposal
Research QuestionWhat is the concept of Consumer Right Act, 2015in terms of product qualityand the effect ofreplacing the Sale of Goods Law to make a codified law?Research StatementConsumer is an individual who is the end consumer of products or services which are purchasedfor personal use and not for manufacture. The rights of a customer should be protected ascustomer is the king of the market. Hence, to govern the rights and save the customers fromfraudulent activities by businessman in selling their goods or services UK government passedConsumer Rights Act, 2015 replacing three major parts of laws relating to consumer such as Saleof Goods Act, Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations and Supply of Goods andServices Act. In addition with this, expectations of customers for product quality under Sale ofGoods Act are governed under Consumer Rights Act. As per according to this, all products arerequired to be of satisfactory quality along with fit for purpose. According to this section,products are required to meet certain standards that include, Satisfaction quality and Fit forPurpose.The Sale of Goods laws under Consumer Rights Act state that a consumer should be providedproducts which are able to give adequate or demanded satisfaction and has been manufactured asper prescribed rules and laws. By going into the detail, goods should be free from any damage ordefects. A product with below the satisfactory quality should not be sold to buyers. Furthermore,an item should be such that it fit the general as well as specific and these should be known to acustomer. Along with this, every good must match any description that has been provided to thecustomer.The UK government took initiatives to consolidate existing laws in order to form one which willregulation each and every aspect of consumers and businesses1. The main objective ofsimplifying the law is to provide a way through which enterprises can conduct their activities in acompetitive way. The act focuses on consumers' economic rights by increasing the safety bycreating new rules and laws that will be applicable on consumer. The consolidated act has alsoput lights on remedies that are available to customers and stated that right to reject should be1Giliker P, 'The Consumer Rights Act 2015 – A Bastion Of European Consumer Rights?'(2017) 37 Legal Studies.
treated the short-term remedy2. There are other remedies available which are provided tocustomers so as to restore their confidence in the legislation. Although, the laws are formed forprotecting consumers but it also ensures that every remedy is used on legal and correct grounds.Also, a customer cannot recover twice for the same loss. Similarly, a customer can take help ofall rules and regulations for resolving disputes and conflicts within the prescribed time.The whole matter will be evaluated and analysed by placing real case examples pertaining toSales of Goods law reflecting consumers’ rights. As per accordance to the sale of goods Thedecision passed by the court in the case of Donoghue v Stevenson which is the landmark case insuch laws. This case will provide a clearer insight and help in understanding the concept ofConsumer Rights Act, 2015.This research will emphasize on questions which are:-Determination of concept and scope of Consumer Rights Act, 2015-Determining customer expectation in relation to product quality.-Determination of importance this Act in Sale of Goods law and what are the postimplementation effect after consolidation.The research will help in learning laws regarding Consumer Rights and its relationship in Sale ofGoods. This is the reason why this topic has been chosen.This will help him gain knowledgeabout the same which will be applied in practicing in this field.The objective of the researchThe objective of the Research is to learn, establish and analyse the impact of consolidatingConsumer Law which are applied to Sales of Goods’ matters. Also, what would be the remediesavailable to a customer in case of unfair trade practices. Various circumstances will be given tojudge number of provisions regarding this so as to determine the effectiveness of simplifiedConsumer law which has replaced the three prime legislation pieces.Research MethodologyThis research is about law which itself has a wider scope and needs perfection in application ofmethods for finding the impact of consolidated laws in various situations. This will be donethrough descriptive research methods according which will analyse laws and rules pertaining to2Eunhee Lee, 'Roles Of The Consumer Fundamental Act' (2015) 46 journal of consumerpolicy studies.
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