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Running head: CONTEMPORARY THEMES IN HEALTH CARE LEVEL 6Contemporary themes in health care level 6Name of the student:Name of the University:Author’s note
1CONTEMPORARY THEMES IN HEALTH CARE LEVEL 6Identify the six articles for the essay:JournalReferences:Article 1Bhatnagar, P., Wickramasinghe, K., Williams, J., Rayner, M., andTownsend, N. 2015. The epidemiology of cardiovascular disease in theUK 2014.Heart,101(15),1182-1189.Article 2Bernard, S., Lux, L., and Lohr, K. 2009.Healthcare delivery models forprevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD).The Health Foundation,London.Article 3Levy, L., and Tedstone, A. 2017, February. UK Dietary Policy for thePrevention of Cardiovascular Disease. InHealthcare(Vol. 5, No. 1, p. 9).Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute.Article 4Collins, M., Mason, H., O’Flaherty, M., Guzman-Castillo, M., Critchley,J., and Capewell, S. 2014. An economic evaluation of salt reductionpolicies to reduce coronary heart disease in England: a policy modelingstudy.Value in Health,17(5), 517-524.Article 5Barton, P., Andronis, L., Briggs, A., McPherson, K., and Capewell, S.2011. Effectiveness and cost effectiveness of cardiovascular diseaseprevention in whole populations: modelling study.BMJ,343, d4044.Article 6Allen, K., Kypridemos, C., Hyseni, L., Gilmore, A. B., Diggle, P.,Whitehead, M., ... and O’Flaherty, M. 2016. The effects of maximisingthe UK’s tobacco control score on inequalities in smoking prevalence andpremature coronary heart disease mortality: a modelling study.BMCpublic health,16(1),292.
2CONTEMPORARY THEMES IN HEALTH CARE LEVEL 6IntroductionThe mortality and mortality associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD) is increasingglobally. CVD is regarded as the number 1 cause of death globally. The review of latest 2015global CVD death statistics suggest about 17.7 million death caused due to CVD. This meansthat CVD was the reason for about 31% of global death. CVD is an umbrella term for differenttypes of heart disease and coronary heart disease is one of the major type of CVD, which hascaused about 7.4 million deaths in 2015 (World Health Organization 2015). Hence, from thisstatistics, it is understood that coronary heart disease (CHD) significantly contributes to totaldeaths globally. The CVD related deaths caused in UK is also alarming as latest reports haveshown that CVD causes more than 25% of all deaths in UK and about 7 million people are livingwith the disease in UK. Among CVDs, CHD has been found to be the leading cause of death inUK (Bhf.org.uk. 2016). Considering such prevalence of coronary heart disease in UK,the mainpurpose of this essay is to identify six articles related to the incidence and management ofCHD in UK and explore in depth about the ways in which the disease was managed.Thepaper also explores range of framework, policy approach and intervention that can be effective inreducing the risk of CHD in UK. After the evaluation of the articles, the paper also proposes arecommendation for the health care system of UK to reduce the incidence of CHD in UK.Argument/main body:To get an understanding about different management strategies and models orframeworks implemented in UK for the management of CHD in UK, six academic articles havebeen chosen for analysis.The summary of the six articles has been presentedin this section.Thefirst articleby Bhatnagar et al. (2015) gives an insight about theprevalence rateof coronary
3CONTEMPORARY THEMES IN HEALTH CARE LEVEL 6heart disease in UK. The article mainly provides up to date statistics on mortality, prevalence andcost associated with CVD in UK. The prevalence of coronary heart disease is found the highestin North of England and Scotland. The articles also cover regional variations in mortality,prevalence and inpatient episodes related to CVD.The second articleby Bernard, Lux and Lohr(2009)mainly covers the theme of different health care delivery models available in UK for themanagement heart diseases like CHD. The article mainly summarizes about CVD care deliverymodels starting from prevention work to palliative care and more detailed insight about care forCVD in prevention and primary care setting in UK. This article can be useful in understandingthepreventive and primary care practicesthat helped to identify unknown case of CHD in UK.In relation to government policies for the management of risk factors related to CHD, twoarticles has been found to cover in details about policies related to heart disease prevention. Thethird articleby Levy and Tedstone (2017, February)covers the theme ofUK dietary policies forprevention of heart disease. From the review of this article, the UK government recommendationin relation to energy intake, salt intake, fruits and vegetable consumption, saturated fatconsumption and level of oily fish and fiber needed for citizens is covered. The dietary advicehas been integrated with Eatwell guide to support people to understand proper diet needed toimprove health and cardiovascular health. In addition, thefourth articleby Collins et al. (2014)provides detail insight related toimplication of salt reduction policiesin reducing the prevalenceof coronary heart disease in England. The review of this evidence strengthens the idea about theway in which heart disease policy are modeled in UK and policy is analyzes by means of costeffectiveness analysis, uncertainty analysis and sensitivity analysis.The details related to cost effectiveness of population wide risk factor reductionprogramme targeting heart disease like CHD in England has been coveredby Barton et al.
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