Contemporary Hospitality Industry and Functional

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nd Functional unitTechnical skills: In order to survive for longer time duration employees shouldhave technical skills as it is mandatory skills in hospitality organisation. Intoday's world every hospitality administration is providing training to theiremployees so that they can provide better services to guests by using advancedtechnology in the instance market place. However, it is important for staffmembers who are working in hospitality organisation to grab knowledgeregarding the use of technical equipment so that customers’ needs can befulfilled. However, these skills are required by Receptionist of hospitalityorganisation because they have to work more with technical equipment likeComputer, Scanner, Printer etc. There are several skills and capabilities that are essentially required by the severalindividuals so as to performing their roles and responsibilities effectively. Some ofthese skills are given as below:Management skills: Employees by adopting this skill will be able inmanaging the work effectively and efficiently in the instance market. However,these skills also aid them in completing the given obligation in allotted timeduration which directly leads the organization in achieving goals and objectives.Additionally, Room division manager needed this skill because they have tomanage all activities. Communication skills: In the era of 21st centurycommunication skills are essentially required because effective communicationskills aid in providing necessary information to the guests. So, these skills should beacquired by each participants or employees of hospitality organisation so that issuesrelated to customer’s satisfaction can be resolved. Housekeeping department needsthis skill as they have to interact the most with the clients. Effectivecommunication skills provide a positive impression on the customers. Skills required for performing operational rolesContemporary Hospitality Industry

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