Contemporary Issues in Health & Social Care

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Running Head: HEALTH CARE1Contemporary Issues in Health andSocial Care
HEALTH CARE2Task 1:Task 1.1Information is significant factor to develop the knowledge flow throughout the society and it hasmany benefits. It is very important to inform the people and make them aware about theprevention of diseases, health issues, habits, healthy lifestyle, available health care services andrights of individuals for promoting the health among society people. The people need to becomeaware about different issues related to public, like; resourcing, financing, standards, child abuseand other abuses in health care, so that they can get and entitle for the health care services withhigher quality in a safe atmosphere according to the policies and standards (All, Fried andWallace, 2017). This essential information can be given to the people by health careprofessionals through word of mouth, radio, newspapers, TV, documentaries, internet, nurses,pamphlets, journals, educators etc. All these play a significant role in availing the informationrelated to health and social care to the public.Moreover, there are some organizations of government and non-government organizations,which have the liability of spreading the required health care information to public, like; Centrefor Disease Control, World Health organization, Health Protection Agency etc. For example, thepublic must understand that where to make contact and whom to make contact, if they are abusedat health care centers. This essential information will enable and protect the people by offeringprotection and assistance (Carpenter, 2010). Moreover, they should have the data related totreatment modalities of cancer. This data can be made available via newspapers, journals, mediaetc. But sometimes, the target customers fail to get the appropriate information or not able tounderstand the messages in clear manner for directing to misunderstandings. In this way, withproviding information to people, it is also necessary to make sure that correct information isspread to correct people.Task 1.2The essential information related to health can be disseminated to the people via different medialike; newspapers, TV, radio, social media, visual messages, newspapers, posters, pamphlets,health websites, social media sites, leaflets etc. These are the major sources, which play animportant role in establishing awareness among public. With the assistance of tabloidnewspapers, like Mirror, Sun etc. internet and TV, Health websites, important information can be
HEALTH CARE3quickly provide to the groups of people (Cherry and Jacob, 2016). For example, the data andinformation related to preventive measures from Obesity are instantly disseminated vianewspapers and the websites of healthcare centers and gyms and spas. These websites providethe information regarding the remedies to the obesity and how people can avoid obesity. In thisway, these techniques communicating information are effective, but sometimes, this informationmay create panic conditions among public by overstressing the figures and increase fear in thepopulation. This can be done for the promotion of website but it may have some negative effectson the population by creating panic situations (Drummond, et al, 2015). These situations aregenerated by newspapers, social media sites that promotes the fear to a specific circumstance,like; AIDS, child abuse. So, it is necessary to assist the people to deal with this situation byproviding actual information, figures and facts via above-mentioned sources, developingmessages given to the public health, providing education through programs and campaigns andseminars by taking assistance from government and non-government agencies.Task 1.3Communication the information related to health is necessary but more significant is the way ofdissemination and presentation of that information to the public. It may have a huge impact onthe behavior, attitude and thoughts of people and consequently the important information mustbe spread by using most suitable source and manner as per the requirements of the audiences.The needs and preferences change with different demographic characteristics, like; gender, age,class and education etc. For example, elderly people prefer to use radio, TV, pamphlets,newspapers etc., whereas to target the youth, the information providers can use social mediasites, like; Twitter, Facebook. For spreading information to the parents, posters, leaflets can beused on different places, like; schools, childcare centers and females may get the informationthrough TV, magazines and via help of gynecologists (Glasby, 2012). Other component is styleof presentation of information by using pictures, colors etc. For instance, the informationproviders can provide the information with the bright colors, pictures and cartoon pictures, sothat it can attract children.Thus, presenting the information is a major factor to get the attention of people on elderly care. Ifthe social and health does not show the information properly on elderly care, then they will notbe able to influence the behaviors, attitudes and thoughts of people. The information providers
HEALTH CARE4will give the information on above mentioned sources and make them aware about the healthissues and their preventive measures.Task 2Task 2.1After looking at the case study, it can be stated that media plays different roles and one of themajor roles is informing the public about current health and social issues. There are differentsources and ways, which are used to deliver the information related to health and social care. Themajor sources are such as; Television, leaflets, educational campaigns etc. Television has been afamous source for collecting the data. So, information on the health and social care issues can bedelivered through television. Televisions can conduct the educational programs and inform thepopulation about the behavioral changes and adverse impact. These media ways are the mosteffective and efficient as researchers have described that the number of television audiences hasbeen grown and there is a high possibility of delivering the information to public. Social mediasites are the most used media ways that primarily affect the behavior and attitudes of people.These ways shape the attitudes and opinions of people and have large impact on their attitudeand behaviors (Glasby and Dickinson, 2014).Moreover, internet is also an effective and efficient way for spreading the information to a largepopulation as people are actively engaged in using internet, social media sites and itsapplications with the development of technology. Public needs to know about the adverse impactof health and social issues to create awareness for prevention. Government and non-governmentagencies can provide the information on social media, as it is the modern media for informingthe public about the health and social care issues (Gulliford and Morgan, 2013). By looking atthe social media sites, the people will take next step of taking action to heal the issues, when theyhave proper awareness. In addition, media can adversely affect the behaviors and attitudes anddevelop negative opinions about some heath issues, as stated in the given case study. It can leadthe people to become more panic in that particular situation. The given case study can impactthe opinion of people about the elderly care.
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