Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship


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1CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATIONIntroductionThe strategy of the Sunderland for having its own Business Improvement Districts initiated byhaving the discussions and deliberations which took the place in few of the key employers andbusinesses of the city. From the initial talks, the Steering Board was established to drive reallythe idea that was forwarded (Hoyt, et al., 2003). The support and the aid was overwhelming andprodigious as the people initiated to identify what advantages the Business ImprovementDistricts may bring to the Sunderland. The time when city was creating and developing itsreputation internationally and at Stadium of Lights, many of the amazing concerts took place andmillions of people turned out for the International Airshow each year and therefore, setting upand launching the Business Improvement Districts was considered as a logical step. Impact of Sunderland Business Improvement DistrictThe Business Improvement Districts have aided various other regions of the nation to boost andincrease the economy and enhance the footfall because of which it is significant for theSunderland to be significant part of the exciting initiative. After weeks, months and years ofdiscussion and preparation and bringing on the board the ambassadors as well as earning thesupport and assistance of all the people from the nation based retailers of high street to theindependent traders and the vote was the resounding “yes”, that is a positive response and reply.Since the poll, it was full heat to make sure that they offer and deliver the exciting events, keepthe visitors secure and safe and also make sure that city of Sunderland center is the place forbeing (Houstoun, et al., 2003). The positive voting was a huge boost for the economy of the citycenter. They benefited from minimum 3.4 Million Euro investment in subsequent five years. Anew Business Improvement district company was running and up by 2014 along with remit tomake city center a safer, brighter and cleaner place with more of events, promotion and

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Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship and Innovation