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deeContemporary Issues in Travel & TourismYearsAttendance in Millions in Britishmuseum20125.920136.320146.620156.720166.5Titan travel is providing various tour or holiday packages to the visitors withattractive prices so that huge audiences can be targeted in an efficient way.Their main aim is to generate profits as well as revenues through betteroperations and they are focusing on expanding businesses in niche tourismmarket so that they can reach at targeted customers or specified group ofpeople in well manner. There have major importance in the travel and tourismsector for fulfilling customers’ needs or demands through particular segmentsuch as:Niche market tourism: In this defined a particular product which aredesigned for targeted audience so that they can be satisfied and meet theirdesired expectations. It provides effective locations which has niche productssand its contribution for tourism destination. In this included special tourismactivities such as outdoors, adventures, golf, heritages, cultural or historicaltours, nature based tourism, national parks, forests or wildlife and screentourism etc.British Museum can be undertaking in the niche market that are to bedesigned for every individual who get interested in exploring the culture ofUK. In this defined several kinds of monuments, Museum and many more.There are large number of tourists attracted towards the British Museum andthey visit for getting knowledge’s or information’s. It also supports inincreasing the profitability or economic growth in better ways.Analyse current trends by using appropriatetechniques and resourcesGood points: The positive impacts of urban tourism is that it support indeveloping cities and becoming more wealthier so that economies can be increased.This is also very beneficial in increasing level of income which contributes more indeveloping infrastructure as well as superstructure of the cities so that people canlive their lives better. It also beneficial in improving their living standards of socialpeople through creating job opportunities so that they can earn more and reduceunemployment within country.Negative points: there are number of factors that have negative impacts onthe travel or tourism sectors such as pollution, fluctuation of economies as inflation,overcrowding and servility in the urban areas.E-tourism: This is another new trend that is coming the travel and tourismsectors as it would be beneficial for making entire procedures or activities in moreeasy or sufficient manner. Many of organizations are focusing on adopting newtools or techniques so that number of customers can be attracted.Good point: this will support in more productions of goods and serviceswithin travel or tourism sector so that sales can be enhanced. This is an essential indecreasing maximum costs during business operations.Negative points: There must be required effective training and appropriateknowledge so that employees can use better technologies. It is necessary to identifythe thefts on internet for better safety or security, lack of interactions betweenservices providers and visitors can also effects on the organizations.Ecotourism: It is new concepts that are launched in the tourism sector and many oftour operators accepted this for promoting the business and destinations as well. Inthis, they considered environmental safety and protection of nature while visitingany places.Good point: It is very beneficial because this support in protectingenvironment as well as its aspects in well manner so that the tourism business canachieve sustainable, positive publicity and government incentives as well.Negative points: there have major impacts of ecotourism due to lack ofawareness regarding this concept in the tourism sector.In this consider various current trends which have directimpacts on the visitor’s behaviours and they get ready totake ride and holidays packages for feeling relax or better.Many of organisations are focusing on differentdestinations as well as attractive places so that hugecustomers can be targeted in an effective way. In thisincluded several current trends which are responsible inattracting different audiences such as nature of adventurestourism, health tourism, food tourism and Ecotourism etc.these all are considering in new trends for travel andtourism sector so that company can bring various changesin an appropriate manner. These can be understood byundertaking such factors. Urban Tourism is gettingpopular: In this describe that travel and tourism sector hasmajor impacts on the development of urban cities or areasthrough promoting its best or most famous destinations sothat many of visitors can be attracted. It has variousimpacts such as positive or negative that can effects on thetourists and also reduce their chances for visiting inBritain due to environmental factorsCurrent trends that influencechange in travel and tourismsectorIn the present scenario, travel and tourism sector is veryimportant that contributed more in developing economiesas well as country in an effective manner. various types oftravel organisations available which provide travel andtourisms services to the customers for visiting purposes.Introduction
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